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Avoid content mistakes to formulate your Digital Transformation Strategy

Avoid content mistakes to formulate your Digital Transformation Strategy

You may have informational content with a lovely presentation but if it is failing to move you closer to your organizational goals, it’s time for digital transformation. You may need to revisit your content strategy and its implementation. A focused and well-developed digital transformation strategy can help you fetch the desired results in terms of sales and ROI.

As per the content management and marketing survey 2017, 64% of content marketers face challenges in developing scalable strategies. There may be lapses while analyzing the target audience and developing the detailed layout or while implementing it at various levels.

Effective Content Strategy for Digital Transformation

A checklist of these common mistakes is a great starting point to formulating your digital transformation strategy.

  • Creating Content with Abstract Focus:

This happens when the marketers do not have a concrete focus point and the content is created in an inconsistent manner. It is crucial to identify the main idea behind your content creation so that the content stays aligned with it. Failing to do so might deliver few good results initially but may fail to produce the true value of your strategy in the long run.

  • Improper Documentation and Metrics Estimation:

With limited team members working on the strategy and a limited budget, you may get tempted to proceed without proper documentation sometimes. Along with innumerable tasks to be handled, documenting your strategy may feel inconvenient to you. Also, a strategy that cannot demonstrate or incorrectly demonstrates its ROI cannot be called an effective strategy. Hence a properly documented strategy with a complete layout along with a measurable ROI is a must for your strategy to succeed.

  • Missing Collaborative Efforts:

With little collaboration between different teams and departments working independently on their own lines can make your strategy go ineffective in its implementation. It is vital that teams remain in-sync with each other and work synchronously to bring out the best of your planning and strategy.

  • Adopting Strategies focused on short-term gains:

Due to performance pressure on companies to demonstrate their performance in quarterly results, marketers may sometimes lose their long-term vision and focus on short-term profits. They tend to adopt things that may work in the short-run but may not be as effective going forward. It is important that your long-term goals reflect in your content strategy for long-term benefits.

  • Inappropriate or no SEO Optimization:

Search engine optimization or adding appropriate keywords to your content is an important aspect of content development. Many marketers tend to ignore this optimization or may use an inappropriate keyword which is a huge mistake on their part. You must make sure to add the right keywords to reach out easily to your target audience.

Formulating your Digital Transformation Strategy:

After a fair assessment of the above gaps in your digital strategy, you are set to plan the blueprint of your digital transformation.

  • Get all your ideas and layouts documented properly. Make sure to include every detail including the target audience, the message you wish to convey, and all the media platforms through which the content will be shared. Also, you must come up with an expected ROI that your strategy intends to achieve. A well-documented strategy is also easier to implement. This will also help you to assess your performance when the actual results are available.
  • Make sure to include all the teams related to digital transformation strategy development and implementation while developing the layout and during its implementation. All the teams must be in constant touch and collaborate well to deliver effective results. This can be achieved through frequent meetings and follow-ups with different teams.
  • You must always keep in mind your long-term goals while developing digital transformation strategies. The strategy must be fruitful and beneficial in the long-run rather than only short-term gains.
  • Take time to identify the common keywords that can be used by your intended audience to reach out to your content. These keywords can help you to reach out to more and more people who are interested in your venture. SEO optimization is an integral part of content marketing and must be done carefully for maximum benefit.

Improve Brand Perception With the Right Digital Transformation Strategy:

By keeping in mind the above points, you can come up with an efficient and scalable strategy that can help you to achieve your branding goals.

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