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Upcoming IT Trends that will change the way you work

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the paradigms of every industry have drastically changed. 2021 is expected to be a major milestone in every sector. Different organizations are leveraging advanced and disruptive technologies to adapt to the new normal. IT trends are re-shaping the organizational flexibility and work culture. With the sudden escalation in remote working culture, the IT sector is set to be driven by consumer behavior in the year 2021. To keep up with the rising demand for security and connectivity, new technologies are coming into the picture, making way for further advanced, consumer-friendly, and secure technologies.

The top IT trends expected to captivate 2021 are listed below:

1. Internet of Behaviors

The market is populating with numerous technological solutions, wherein multiple solutions are proposed for one single problem. With the growing competition, the technologies and applications that understand consumer-behavior will be the clear winner. 2021 is expected to witness a substantial rise in technologies such as facial recognition and location tracking. These technologies are designed to benefit consumers as well as the organizations in terms of people and work management. From the health to the insurance sector, everyone is trying to capture the major chunk of tech-savvy consumers with help of applications that can efficiently determine, accumulate, and manage consumer behavior.

2. Cybersecurity Mesh

Cybersecurity is undoubtedly one of the most demanded IT components in the market. It is an effective amalgamation of security policies and their enforcement. Designed to comply with organizations of any size and capacity, cybersecurity mesh is the new approach to ascertain a secure environment for every connected component within and outside the walls of the organization. The concept of perimeter protection is dissolving and organizations are adopting cybersecurity mesh to secure their services.

3. Remote-work technologies

The culture of working from home is the new trend and companies are devising plans to extend the work from home facilities. Flexible networking and connectivity solutions will witness a steep rise in demand. Tools such as zoom and Microsoft TIMS are some of the evident examples of such seamless connectivity solutions. With the growing culture of online meetings and team collaborations, 2021 will experience a boom in the market for connectivity solutions that offer seamless and flexible connectivity.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Disruptive technologies have emerged as effective solutions in empowering organizations to accumulate consumer data and utilize it to develop robust technologies. AI offers unmatched scalability, reliability, and interpretability which can help the companies to offer better solutions.  AI engineering is one area of technology that can be used in every sphere and domain. End-user organizations are successfully using AI and ML to implement a robust delivery model. Besides customer satisfaction, the ROI has been estimated to increase with all the smart data interpretation and services.

5. Hyperautomation

As we are progressing towards 2021, hyperautomation is emerging as one of the visible trends. The organizations are progressing towards automating every possible process and service to minimize human interference and maximize profits. Organizations are increasingly using advanced technologies to leverage the sophistication offered by them across every process such as analytics, design, and monitoring. Hyperautomation is being used to streamline the process in any business to develop the connected environment and deliver the most effective solutions.

2021 will bring in new technology trends that will define the future of technology implementation in the organization. While consumer behavior will continue to act as the base of every development, ROI will be the result that every business will be interested in. By the end of the coming year, we will experience a drastic change in the way we interact with technology.

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