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Ways to Use Technology to Reap Greater Benefits From Your Yoga Sessions

Ways to Use Technology to Reap Greater Benefits From Your Yoga Sessions

As we progress ahead with technology, we have a lot to keep up with. Technology is paving the path to a smarter future. With the advancements in science, we are starting to seek inner peace. The methods for holistic health, such as Yoga, have become very important to have significant personal growth. Today’s fast-paced life demands a balance between personal and professional growth. Like every other domain, technology has added value to the once traditional yoga practice.

What has Changed?

The ancient knowledge has been efficiently passed on. The practices and the basics of Yoga remain the same. However, the time one could devote to such activities has decreased. What initially started as the guru-pupil tradition has come down to a solo activity. Visiting a yoga center every day is not possible for everyone and learning individually from a yoga instructor at one’s own place is a luxury. Technology has built a mid-way. With the arrival of the internet, the culture of learning and practicing Yoga changed. Everyone could watch and attend the yoga sessions. But watching and doing Yoga without proper guidance can give disastrous results. Technology is now filling this gap. It adds perfection and direction to the remote solo sessions.

How Can You Use Technology to Enhance Your Yoga Practice?

Yoga is a holistic approach where mediations, asanas, and relaxation form an equally important part. Today we have many equipment and applications to improve concentration, calmness, and posture. We can extend the technology to every aspect of Yoga and reap better benefits.

Technology benefits to Yoga practitioners

1. Start and end with meditation

Meditation is the basis of any yoga practice. As we start the yoga session, we generally meditate to get calm and relaxed, the prerequisite for any yoga practice. Many apps such as insight timer play an ambient sound to keep you aware and stay in a relaxed phase. Again, many apps have come up with guided meditation. Download a few of such apps and try them. After every yoga session, you can take up these guided meditation sessions to calm down and relax. Use technology to get closer to your inner self with every session you take. These apps come with timers that will alert you about time. You can set up a session according to your time availability.

2. Set your postures right

If you are practicing asanas, then the postures should be a concern. A wrong posture can have a side-effect on the body. You can take online classes,  but the teacher in a remote location may not identify all the postural issues. It is time to switch to a personal guide. You can use a smart yoga mat and smart wearables such as Pivot yoga. These yoga clothes are tech-enabled. Your activity can be recorded and displayed on the application on your smart device. The tech-enabled yoga mats and clothes assess your posture and alert you when the body alignment goes wrong. There are many other solutions, such as Kinect, where your movement can be replicated on a big screen with corrections. You can view the changes and set yourself correctly. Such tech-savvy equipment can be your perfect teacher, which can travel with you everywhere.

3. Relax at every step

Relaxation is essential in Yoga. There are relaxation techniques such as Shavasana, but you may not be willing to do it in-between sessions. There are technology solutions such as Athos that can help you relax better. Such technologies include the application that records different parameters such as Heart rate and Muscle efforts and provides you with ways to decrease the soreness of the muscles and relax your body better. You can use these applications to scale your yoga practice effectively.

4. Personalize your yoga session

A personalized session from a yoga teacher can cost you huge. Technology has introduced cost-effective and highly efficient ways of doing Yoga. Applications such as Apple fitness are designed to work as per the requirement. They give personalized recommendations according to your health and schedule. There are other applications like Zyoga to create AI-powered customized content. Your health conditions, anxiety level, and every other aspect are considered to give you appropriate suggestions. The real-time motion tracker helps you perform the correct yoga postures. Technology can become your personal yoga assistant to provide you with the maximum benefit of any yoga session.

5. Fall into a routine

Though listed at the end, developing a habit of doing Yoga daily is the best gift of technology. The tech-enabled clothes, interactive yoga mats, gears, and applications have made everything very handy. Nothing is dependent on your availability in a certain place at a certain time. You can travel freely and continue your yoga sessions anywhere, anytime.

Technology is yet to go places. But what benefit is it if you don’t use these innovations? Use these technologies to make Yoga a regular practice. Indulge a few minutes every day into the path of holistic growth at your convenience. Technology has brought Yoga to your doorstep with minimal investment. What lies next is welcoming it and integrating it into our daily lives to have better health and vitality.

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