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How Content Marketing is Helping Businesses in the Time of Pandemic

How Content Marketing is Helping Businesses in the Time of Pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic has turned our lives and businesses upside down. The ongoing crisis seems never-ending, which implies that we need to revive our ways of living according to the present scenario. Many companies, especially the hospitality industry, have suffered a massive setback. With many consumers restricting their movement, different companies struggle to improvise their ways to enhance customer engagement and reach. The new business operations and marketing strategies must be capable of stabilizing the company and growing it further.

What changed

The post-Covid scenario has changed many marketing aspects, and the business owners need to take a fresh look at the market.

  • Customer segment instead of the customer is the new focus in marketing

Digital consumption has drastically increased during the pandemic as a more significant consumer segment spends quality time online. A survey suggests that in the US, the average time spent on social media is about 65 minutes daily in 2020, which is higher than the 54 minutes from previous years’ data. This increased online presence has enabled marketers to collect the personal details of their customers, such as personal information and psychographics. Thus, a new era of personal marketing has started to overcome geographic barriers and target particular customer segments.

  • Experience-based marketing has overpowered the old product-based marketing

The dramatic spike in digital transformation has skyrocketed customer expectations in terms of experience. The competition is about selling the product and engaging with the customer in a personalized way.

  • Empathy is the new lead

Today, the market demands every company to have great values along with great products. This pandemic has aroused a sense of empathy for everything, including nature, human beings, and animals. People are evaluating their choices, and the concept of sustainability is the trend. Reports suggest that 61% of customers would consider white label products over other types.

How Content Marketing Helps

Content marketing has emerged as the factor that differentiates success and mediocrity. It allows you to target a particular customer segment, create your brand positioning, influence every platform, and broadcast opinions that matter.

  • Rebranding your image

Understand your consumers’ current vulnerable state of mind and create content that describes you as an empathetic and transparent company. Content can help you elevate your brand positioning in the market as a sustainable, green, and valuable product. Roll out messages of well-being and happiness to connect with your consumers. Indulge in charities, donations, and food banks. Provide accessible facilities to the needy. Create content that speaks volumes about your goodwill. Your one act of generosity will spread through miles with a good marketing strategy.

  • Getting greater customer penetration with varied social media platforms

Using the different online media, marketers can identify the exact customer challenges and devise a customer communication that addresses the pain points. Then, they can get creative to spread their message across a more significant customer segment using all the available content marketing platforms.

  • Better customer communication

Companies can have an eye on consumer sentiments to create more robust and personalized customer relationships. In addition, personal communication through social media can help companies identify customer disappointments and improvise their product.

Many companies have strategized their content marketing strategy to rebrand themselves to understand customers and care for them. Marketers and advertisers are redesigning their campaigns. According to a report, about 73% of advertisers have made some modifications in their assets, of which the majority is working on highlighting the company’s mission. Every company is striving to make a solid digital presence and advertising campaigns. Content is the king even today, and customers are going to buy what you say. Therefore, it is crucial to express your message correctly to create the expected market response.

Cottonelle, a leading producer of toilet paper, has started a media campaign asking people to stop panic buying and stocking toilet paper. Instead, they are asking consumers to purchase judiciously and let everyone have their share. Also, the company has pledged One million toilet paper rolls and money to the COVID relief fund. Ikea, the famous furniture and home accessories brand, is another popular example of solid content marketing. It encourages people to buy home accessories to stay comfortable and happy in their homes. Their campaign is all about inducing a positive perspective of being at home amid this crisis.


B2C companies always had content marketing as their primary marketing agenda. Post-Covid, even B2B companies are generously spending on social media marketing and digital advertising to strengthen their online presence. Statistics suggest that they have increased their spending on social media by 49% and about 43% on digital marketing. Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped the B2B and B2C marketing paradigms. The absence of brick-and-mortar stores and personal demos has compelled the companies to rely on their content for assured return on investments. Marketers are grabbing every new opportunity created by the pandemic to etch their brand image in the consumer’s memory. A great content marketing strategy will ensure short-term success and long-term growth. Any investment in content marketing is an investment in building customer confidence which is the need of the hour for every company in these turbulent times.

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