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How Healthcare Industry is leveraging IoT

How Healthcare Industry is leveraging IoT

Right when the concept was established, IoT has influenced both- the way we live and how we work. Almost every aspect of human lives has witnessed the intervention of IoT, and according to the experts, the technology holds great potential to benefit the human race. This potential of IoT also extends its benefits to the healthcare industry. In fact, it is believed that Healthcare industry is the oldest industry to collect data remotely, much before IoT was given its name.

The data available on the internet predicts that IoT is all set to level up its performance and benefits and by 2020, over 20.8 billion connected devices are likely to be put to use. In 2005, the number was 5 billion only, which clearly states how well the technology is doing.

IoT has widely affected the healthcare field and the many fitness &healthcare applications available in app stores vouch for these effects. If the initial industry trends are to be trusted, IoT is set to make a revolutionary growth in Healthcare industry in coming years. Digital research firm eMarketer projects a $163 billion value for IoT-related healthcare by 2020.

Benefits of IoT in Healthcare industry:

IoT comes packed with a number of benefits for Healthcare industries. Here we have discussed a few of them:

Improved Patient Management: 

The core of the healthcare industry lies in efficient patient management. The industry has recently experienced a paradigm shift from being pay-for-the- service oriented industry to a more value-based industry. Various value-based programs are being implemented to ensure the effectiveness of the mission. With IoT in applications, patients can now use technology to access health data as well as their success, thanks to several healthcare applications.

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Ease of data management for care providers:

The industry welcomed a number of care management solutions but sadly, none of them was successful in catering to the needs of care management in health-care. Thanks to IoT, it is now possible to access real-time data, which can be further utilized by care providers to design effective care management programs. The integration between wearable devices and health applications have made this much easier.

Gaining the attention of patients:

IoT has introduced many applications and wearable devices. Many fitness bands and apps have played a significant role in promoting health and fitness concern in the population. The patient today is educated and understands the significance of health & fitness. Apple watch and MI bands are some examples of IoT helping people track their health records.

Lower health care costs:

The availability of data as in the case of wearable devices makes it easy to offer health care assistance remotely. Doctors and healthcare practitioners can now efficiently take care of their patients which have affected the overall cost of the business. This is because the doctors can now virtually assist their patients. By using an application that allows access to both the parties, the patient and the doctor can stay on the same page.

Analytics and research:

IoT has offered a great stimulus to the healthcare industry. Experts have access to huge amount of data which further assists in analyzing trends in the health industry and evaluating treatment options and their success rate. The hospitals now collect digital data which can be further processed and assist in analyzing different trends of the industry and helps in offering the best medication. IoT helps in researching and establishing new treatments also in a faster and better way.  As per reports by, “Hospitals will Benefit the Most As the Internet of Things Services Increase Lab Test Efficiency to 3.02 Billion More Tests by 2020.”


There is a lot to reap from IoT when implemented in Health Care Industry. But, everything is enjoyed to the max when it is handled with care. Expert supervision and usage can ensure that one gets the best benefits of IoT and derive great health care results.

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