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Why to invest in Quality Content?

Why to invest in Quality Content?

A lot has been said and discussed Content and its potential benefits to the success in the marketing. Some believe it is the King, while other says it is almost everything.  “Content” is like an ocean that includes an array of formats, distribution channels and n number of topics. However, one thing is for sure that the value that content marketing offers is undisputed.According to a report by HubSpot and Insights, around 53% of the marketers see clear ROI and around 43% see the opportunities. That said; let me ask you a simple question. How much have you invested in a Content Strategy? If your answer is “not much” or “zero”, well you could be missing on something significant. Creating useful content or a building a solid content marketing strategy, if implemented well, it will get you far with demonstrated potential return at minimal up-front costs.

First, you must imbibe yourself in performing extensive market research to determine your targeted audience and define the personas for your site. Then, you should determine the ways to target them. Use of the customer-centric taglines and slogans are crucial in capturing the attention of your prospective clients. The taglines must be accurate and must deliver the clear message with an effective call-to-action. Your website content should deliver the message with conviction and must target, engage and prompt your audience to take action. While trying desperately hard to generate traffic, not all content can be equally created. You can use the same content material in varied ways to enhance the visibility of the search engines.

Quality Content Writing

The following are the reasons why every website owner should invest in creating useful content:

  • Better Returns for Sales and Leads

It is believed that the leads that are generated from the quality content have 8.6 times higher rate than the direct mail or printed media. The chances of making the sale from the lead generated by the rich content are much higher. These days more and more people are using the internet to shop for the various products and services. Importance of SEO in ecommerce is prevalent and so is your content. It can immensely contribute to the e Commerce sales as well. It is a common site for the eCommerce sites to host a blog to generate traffic that can make a lot of sales. It is estimated that an American shopper spends $108 for an average online order and about 3 out of 5 United States’ citizen shop online in some way or the other. Remember, a well-developed content can work wonders in attracting large numbers of such consumers.

  • Increase Organic Search Results

The search which is made from the people who are looking for the exactly the same content falls in the category of Organic Search Results.Organic Search is done by the individuals and definitely no bots. Nearly 75 percent of the people who are looking for the online content completely ignore the paid ads. This means that the website which will be loaded with the relevant content likely to receive the visitors. This doesn’t mean that the waste of money. The methods like these are still considered as a wise investment to get the user directed to your website. The catch, in fact, is that the organic search results take longer time than paid ads to generate a sale, especially for the website that has less optimized content. This is where the SEO content writing come to the rescue.

  • Increase Brand Awareness

According to Stacey King Gordon, “If you’re not telling stories online, you’re probably not getting results.” Strong, quality content showcase your customers what your website represents and what is your brand. Brand awareness is not just your customers knowing the name of your website, but how well they comprehend the characteristics and caliber of your unique product or service.

Your content highlights similar unique qualities that set your brand (website) way apart from the competition. Besides, you can encourage your followers to ask questions or share the comments to which a website owner should respond directly through emails or social media. This will boost the conversation and assist you to develop a brand persona.

  • Cost Efficient 

There are many forms of marketing a business online including pay-per-click campaigns, Social media, paid ads and more. However, the content marketing ranks high for the return-on-investment. As per leading marketing organization, Demand Metric, While generating 300 percent of leads, website content marketing is around 60 percent dearer than other marketing platforms or activities. One unique factor that sets a well-written SEO content apart is that it never stops working for you, even after months after its creation. Some good websites still avail great amount of traffic due to SEO content which was created nearly 5 years ago by some best SEO company.

In order to retain the visitors and rank high on the search engines, a high-quality content is crucial for any website owner. Top search engines like Google have stringent norms when it comes to crawling the content of the website. Google doesn’t see how well the website looks to the visitor but it surely cares about its content. If your website is lacking in quality content, it will not rank high in the search results. Quality content is what that sets your website apart from the bulk of other similar websites and renders the exact message into the hearts of your valued clients. If your web has effective taglines meaningful content, a great design can only enhance its appeal. Remember, design alone does not sell.

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