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5 Smart Clocks for Sleep Lovers

5 Smart Clocks for Sleep Lovers

5 Smart Clocks for Sleep Lovers

With time, technology is moving ahead. There is technology counting number of steps when we walk, calculating calories burnt while we exercise, keeping an eye inside our homes when we are out, turning on the air conditioner for us etc. Smart devices like Smart phones, smart watches and smart glasses have totally changed our life. With this hectic life and increasing value of time, probably smart clocks are one thing that we can look forward to. A clock that performs not only basic activity like to wake us up and display time but also smart enough to notify and get us ready for upcoming activity. Some of you not only want to work hard but also want to sleep like never before, every day. What if the smart clock helps you sleep? Well! It does. We will be talking today about the smart clocks that help you sleep better. The clock can display time and wake you up with alarm. This is the least expectations from all of them. So, we will keep these points aside and focus on how they help you sleep well. Best 5 Smart clocks for sleep lovers are listed here:

  1. Bonjour

This smart clock can absolutely do everything that you can expect from a clock. The best part is the use of Artificial Intelligence and it can talk to you, quite literally. It has voice recognition feature. It integrates with smart home and smart phones. You can talk to it and get your alarm set, know the temperature and weather, get updates of meetings scheduled, set reminders for different activities, stream and play any music and many more things. Some points on how it aids your sleep have been given below:

  • Does not wake you up at all for work when there is bad weather outside
  • Wakes you up late for late meetings
  • If there is a lot of traffic in your way to office, It wakes you up before hand
  • Displays camera feed when doorbell rings without you leaving your bed
  • It can dim your room lights for a good sleep
  • Changes temperature as per your requirement for good sleep
  • Phone can be connected with its charging points to charge while you sleep

Price is $169

Bonjour smart alarm clock

  1. BEDDI Smart alarm Clock

BEDDI can help you not only with your sleep but also integrates with your phone. It can give traffic and weather updates. Other features are:

  • White noise generator helps you in getting a good sleep. It has five relaxing nature sounds (Wind, Fan, Rain, Ocean, and Forest) that help you fall asleep fast
  • Sunlight simulator brightens your room with soothing lights 5 minutes before your set morning alarm
  • High quality Bluetooth speakers to play music first thing in the morning
  • It updates you of traffic condition to let you decide when to leave your bed
  • Charge phones with the USB ports while you are sleeping

Price is $83

BEDDI Smart alarm Clock

  1. Glance Clock

Glance Clock is a wall clock. This adds to a different kind of experience as you can get all the data in the wall in front, in big fonts and bright colors. It can be integrated with your phone and you get many important updates without moving to get your phone. The features are:

  • Integrates with your fitness gadgets to display if you need more sleep
  • Tells temperature and weather outside
  • Notify about upcoming appointments so that you don’t get up late
  • Notifies you about the incoming call on your phone. your take, if you want to attend or ignore and sleep
  • Notifies you when your cab arrives

Best news is for the developers. There is an option to customize it.

Price is $149

  1. Philips morning wake-up light smart clock

This does not look like a clock but it can be your favorite if you are a sleepy head. It looks like a lamp or light. These lights are clinically proven to give not only good sleep but wake you up more refreshed.

  • It helps you sleep by slowly decreasing the light intensity
  • You can listen to your favorite music while sleeping
  • Sunlight simulation fills your room with brightness resembling the sunlight before your alarm turns on
  • You can set the morning light intensity with more than 20 different brightness options
  • Sounds from the nature can be played as you wake up

There are different varieties in market with additions and deletions of features.

One can cost around $112

  1. La Metric Time Clock

This comes with La Metric app. Install the app on your smart phone and you are ready to integrate multiple applications with it. You can get the kind of updates you never imagined. Paypal, stock market, Emails, News, New followers on websites are just a few. Other features are:

  • Gives weather forecast for you to decide if you want to go to work or sleep
  • Updates with appointments and meetings so that you get up on time
  • Email updates for anything urgent while you decide to take a nap
  • Displays phone calls for you to decide to keep lying and skip or attend
  • You can see the Twitter and other social media notifications while you are still in a sleepy mood

It comes for $169

La Metric Time Clock

Smart clocks are worth a purchase. Smart clocks not only perform multiple activities but also are portable. They can be used in office or at home. The best part is that unlike smart watches, smart clocks can be used by the whole family. Also, updates by the speaking smart clocks can be heard even when we are not near it. Smart clocks can be one of the best gift items in the present day. They are useful for any age and any profession.  So, the next time you are ready to spend on gadgets, give a thought on smart clocks. They may become your best purchase.

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