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Why IoT-based Smart Office should be a choice of any CEO


A Smart Office An office space that is connected to the internet, sensors and devices that help employees in managing workload and time in a better manner is the perfect example of a Smart Office. Smart-office-IoT What is an Intelligent workplace? Your smartphone is a portable office – you check your emails, set up meeting in the calendar, ...

Top 3 Technology Trends in Enterprise Software


Enterprise software is another terms for EAS – Enterprise Application Software. Essentially, it is computer software designed to serve a specific purpose diligently and effectively. It is directly aimed at empowering individuals in order to forge dynamic, optimized and smarter solutions for the betterment of the organization as a whole. As the name suggests, the ...

Microsoft Surface Book – Can it be an Invincible Challenger?


Microsoft’s Surface Book is a magnum opus in every sense. No wonder Microsoft is one of the most widely recognized brand symbols across the face of the earth. Time and time again, it brings out innovative and cutting-edge products which are right on the money. Following the shadows of its predecessors, comes the first ever ...