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Why IoT-based Smart Office should be a choice of any CEO

Why IoT-based Smart Office should be a choice of any CEO

A Smart Office

An office space that is connected to the internet, sensors and devices that help employees in managing workload and time in a better manner is the perfect example of a Smart Office.


What is an Intelligent workplace?

Your smartphone is a portable office – you check your emails, set up meeting in the calendar, make a note of the things-to-do, edit and manage documents in it, read your newspaper, and monitor organization and employee performances.

The point that we have discussed here are just a few essential points; various other applications have entered the market. These applications help you in many ways, right from booking a conference room for meeting to finding you a route to the conference rooms, notifying you about the resources that are running low. In short, the infrastructure of a smart office is already in place.

Why Incorporate IoT-based Smart Office?

We have already covered IoT in our previous article to make the readers understand about it. Today we want to divert the attention towards the application of IoT in building a Smart Office that supports any CEO.

A smart gadget is just a part of a massive network of devices, and all this fancy term can be turned into reality if a secured network is created that bridges the communication between these devices and establishes a seamless connectivity.

Connected Devices can:

  • Collect employee attendance data
  • The amount of time taken by the employees at lunch or the time spent away from their workstations.
  • The manager can use this data and map the productivity of all the employees.
  • Schedule meetings and notify the members.
  • Keep a check on the inventory such as cartridges, pen, desktops, laptops and other devices.
  • Maintain a record of services required for the air conditioners and notify the management when required.
  • Share files based on the employee id.
  • Lights and thermostats inside the office can be operated using iBeacons.

Such data can be used to optimize the working processes for increasing employee productivity and thus, improving the organization’s performance.

Accelerated Productivity

  • A successful organization’s functionality depends on its workforce. Moreover, the key ingredient of an entire workforce is productivity.
  • Smart devices can help you access the relevant information in real time.

Better organization management

  • The management can also be notified when the supplies are running low.
  • A connected environment of devices gives access to your organization as a whole. Helps you in solving any query related to customer support, sales call or any marketing feedback.
  • Connected products also offer unique insight into your organization’s functionality hence providing scalability and apt management help.

Collective intelligence

  • You can connect the right person, at the right time, no matter where you are. Connecting people across your company enhances accuracy and productivity.
  • A smart work place helps the employees giving most actionable and relevant data. It also helps showing the recent activities of the prospects.

Colligated Environment

  • Devices like Philips’s Hue light bulbs and Google’s Nest thermostat are converting the smart office into an intelligent ecosystem. Office managers can crowdsource the optimal workplace temperature or notify a sales representative about the next appointment.
  • Moreover, the connected devices can help the sales reps in mapping nearby prospects and monitor recent activities on different accounts.


IoT is going to change the face of organizations soon. We are just asking you to get the ticket and join the bandwagon. Be the early adopters of the smart office culture so that you stay one step ahead of the competition.

The world today is surrounded by data-driven smart devices and technologies. Adapting to these changes remains to be done to boost productivity so that business can see more influx in profit.

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