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Reasons to Integrate your Landing Page with your CRM

Reasons to Integrate your Landing Page with your CRM

All businesses, be it B2C or B2B, face this pressing challenge in today’s digital era – the need to attract and hold the attraction of their audience, while getting them to share vital information. In other words, “quality lead generation” is what gives you an edge over your competitors.

Landing pages are an essential component of any marketing strategy. They not only help you in converting your leads into sales but also play a vital role in improving conversion rates, customer engagement and getting more bang for your marketing spend.

But, that’s just a tiny part of the whole picture. Building an efficient landing page, that achieves all the above is easier said than done. There are plenty of factors to consider.

A good landing page is one, that is:

  • Fast Loading – A vast majority of your customers will drop off if the landing page doesn’t load within a few seconds.
  • Responsive – With the number of mobile internet users increasing at a steady rate, you need to ensure that your landing page provides the best experience for all screen types.
  • Conversion-focused – This one goes without saying. After all, this is the primary goal of building a landing page. A landing page has to be stellar, without too many distractions. It must have attractive headlines with clear Call-To-Action.
  • CRM Integrated – Your landing page is just the beginning of the sales conversion funnel. It has to do more than provide you with a list of random leads. This is where CRM Integration comes into the picture.

Here, in this article, we’re going to discuss in detail, the need for CRM Integration and why it matters. Before we dive into the debate, let’s spare a few minutes refreshing the basics.

What is a Landing Page?

According to the Google dictionary, a Landing page is a web page that acts as a single entry point for your website. They are used to direct ad traffic to a specially created page that helps visitors know more about the ad they clicked on while capturing critical details about the visitors to help convert them into leads.

Say, you come across a Google Ad advertising a sale for sofas. You click on it, and the ad takes you to a page, that has more details about the sale like location, date, and other terms and conditions, with a few form fields and a compelling Call-To-Action asking you to register for access to the upcoming sale.

This is an example of a typical landing page in action.

What is a CRM?

Very often, people use the word CRM without a complete understanding of what it means. The CRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management System. It’s a software that encompasses all your customer interactions and helps you keep track of it. It consolidates all customer information in a single place, thereby optimizing and streamlining customer data management.

Integrate Landing page with CRM (Courtesy:

What is connecting your Landing Page to a CRM?

Simply put, when you integrate your CRM with your landing page, all data from forms that a customer fills is automatically added to your CRM. This means, your leads aren’t separate from your CRM as they are integrated.

We can hear you asking this big question,

Why bother integrating your CRM with the landing page?

It’s a valid question and highly relevant. As you would have heard, your digital marketing efforts are like a funnel. There are plenty of visitors at the beginning stages. And, only a few converts into leads and an even lesser amount converts to sales. The landing page is at the top of the marketing funnel and is used to convert anonymous visitors into quality leads.

Apart from capturing leads, a landing page can serve several other purposes like – offering a free sample of your product to the visitor via a download, engaging with passive audiences and subtly nudging them to take the plunge, educating visitors on the benefits of your products/services, interacting with them and much more.

Regardless of the objective, all landing pages have a common goal – to generate revenue and increase profits.

“This is why it isn’t enough to create a list of leads. You need insight on how these leads work and their potential to convert to sales.”

Integrating your landing page to the CRM does precisely that and much more.

Top 10 Benefits of Integrating Landing Pages with CRM

  • Quicken the Sales Process

Feeding your leads from landing pages into the CRM is usually done manually. This not only was time-consuming, causing delayed follow-up but also was prone to errors, as the process was done by humans. Say, if an “administrator” overlooked a particular lead and failed to enter it into the system, it led to losing that specific sale forever.

With CRM integration, lead entry is automated, and the lead details are fed into the system as soon as the user clicks on the CTA button.

This gives you an upper hand, as you’re likely to close a deal successfully if you follow-up as early as possible, rather than contacting your visitor, days after they have forgotten about your product.

  • Ease of operation

As stated above, integrating the CRM with the landing page helps you to simplify the entire process, by automating vital tasks. This ensures that you not only lose critical sales due to human errors but also simplifies the job, making it easy even to handle large volumes of leads.

  • Efficient Lead Management

Efficient lead management is one of the biggest benefits of this integration. When your landing page, adds the leads automatically into the CRM, you can set up triggers to allocate it to the right sales rep automatically.

This is critical in helping you close the deal. By allocating the lead to the right rep, you increase the chances of the rep closing deal, by taking extra care of the lead during all stages of the sales funnel.

  • Enhanced Sales Intelligence

With CRM integration, you up the insight you gather on the landing page. Instead, of just getting customer data, the landing page now can provide you with several other vital data like – what form the customers filled, what keywords initiated the action, which geographical location they’re from, what referral did they use (Google, Bing, social media or direct) and much more.

All this is recorded in your CRM system, helping you arm yourself with more information about your leads.

  • Boosts your Marketing Efforts

By connecting your CRM with the landing page, you can refine your marketing campaigns with the power of data and insight. It helps you track visitor conversion rates, lead conversion rates, and other crucial aspects, helping you figure out, what worked in the marketing campaign and what didn’t work. This helps you to streamline your future marketing efforts.

  • Better Resource Utilization

By integrating the CRM with the landing page, you convert visitors into leads, providing you with a way to track all their activity. You can identify the sole objective of the visitor, and dedicate the right resources to help the lead and finalize the deal.

Instead, of randomly allocating resources to all leads, you can now monitor quality leads carefully, while not wasting time and resources on leads, which don’t convert.

  • Lead Segmentation

For years, marketers found it challenging to separate quality leads from random ones. This was not only time-consuming but also impacted the bottom line, due to resource mismanagement. With CRM integration, you can easily segment and classify leads based on product interest, geographical location, sales stage, and other factors.

This helps you to assign the right resources and follow-up accordingly to the specific requirements of each lead.

  • Advanced Re-Targeting

Any seasoned digital marketer would know that it takes multiple prompts to convert a lead into a sale. With CRM, you can quickly enable retargeting of specific leads via email, search or social media campaigns, thereby improving your chances of bagging the deal.

  • Setup Automated Triggers

With CRM integration, you can schedule on-boarding emails or provide quality leads with promotional content, piquing their interest, thereby helping them to take the plunge.

  • Above all, reach your Revenue Targets

By connecting your CRM with your landing page, you increase your control of the sales process. It helps to supply the missing blanks in the information gap by providing you with critical data on where your leads come from, which stage of the sales process are they in, helping you take the right actions.

Factors to Consider when Integrating the CRM with the Landing Page

As with all other aspects of digital marketing, CRM integration with the landing page has some best practices that help you make the most of the process. Here are a few pointers that help you avoid committing commonly made mistakes.

  • Setup Tracking

Ensure that all the essential details of the leads from the landing page are sent to the CRM. You don’t want to reach the last step of the customer deal only to find that you’re missing vital information like customer contact details or email id and so on.

  • Start Tracking Leads Immediately

Start by entering leads into your CRM as and when they are generated. And, once the leads are in the CRM system, allocate the appropriate resources and start tracking them immediately, without any delay.

  • Utilize the System

Very often, salespeople are reluctant to move from something they have been doing for ages, be it a manual system or spreadsheets. This way they fail to explore the potentials of the CRM system. Don’t let this be a handicap. Train your sales rep with the CRM and urge them to use it, to get the most out of it.

Wrapping it up – Final Thoughts

Sales and marketing have so influencing factors like – customer behavior, competition, the economy and much more. While most of these are beyond your control, there’s one aspect that you can manage to your influence – the actual sales process itself.

From generating leads, to follow up on completing the sales and building the relationship with the customer, post-sales – all this is possible with a CRM system. Hence, it makes all the sense to integrate your CRM with the landing page, to help you get the most out of your leads, thereby ultimately improving your bottom line.

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