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How smart contracts are helping businesses to maintain breach proof agreements?


A smart contract is a blockchain-based application that facilitates the execution and verification of an agreement. Once the terms and conditions of the agreement are met, it will take care of the settlement. The entire idea behind the concept of a smart contract is to automate the process of pre-determined actions for a hassle-free experience.

5 Applications that are a Must Have for Every Windows Phone Users


Windows Platform for phone has often been beset for the yawning gap between the apps that are offered on it in comparison to Google and Apple store. Of lately there has been a turnaround in that department with companies and developers alike taking notice of the large potential audience and users on Windows Platform. After ...

Microsoft Surface Book – Can it be an Invincible Challenger?


Microsoft’s Surface Book is a magnum opus in every sense. No wonder Microsoft is one of the most widely recognized brand symbols across the face of the earth. Time and time again, it brings out innovative and cutting-edge products which are right on the money. Following the shadows of its predecessors, comes the first ever ...