Wonderful Windows 10: What you should know about this year’s biggest update?


Microsoft is highly successful in striking parity for each sort of client with its most awaited free OS Windows 10.

Yes! People have been waiting for the release of this new OS since Microsoft Offered its genuine users to Reserve their free copy. According to statistics it is said that more than million users have upgraded their previous OS to this brand new Windows 10. As Windows bragged, it’s proving that Windows up gradation is the largest up gradation of the decade.

Windows 10

Windows Upgrade

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and start digging deep into this Windows 10 to see what are its features and what changes have been made compared to previous versions. First, let’s list some of the major ones,

  1. Start Menu

Yes, Start menu is back Baby! In their previous OS, Windows 8, they made immensely dubious move to dispense with the Start Menu, selecting a Metro style Start Screen. It went over popular than you’d anticipate. In Windows 10 Live Tiles are present in start menu simply like standard application symbols, in (moderately) a good rapport.

The Humble start button which had its place fixed to lower left corner has got a serious facelift. The start button is divided into two parts, first the normal menus and second part consists of tiles. The Folder based organization has been abandoned for a list of favorites and search based organization. You can begin writing when you open the Start menu to discover an application and dispatch it by name. If you do not want to type the name of the app every time , just pin it to side of start menu and it’ll always be there for you. Your most utilized other programs will likewise be shown up as their very own part list. You can click “All Apps” to see a rundown of everything that is in your Start Menu, however, it will appear in sequential order as per your use.

Windows 10

Start Menu Windows 10

  1. Introducing Cortana!

As though getting back the Start Menu wasn’t sufficient, Microsoft also brought it’s own voice aide Cortana right in. Regardless of the possibility that you’re as of now utilizing Google Now or Siri, having Cortana on your desktop can be convenient. You can perform web hunts to get a considerable lot of the same speedy answers by essentially hitting the Win key and writing an inquiry like “how to convert pounds to Kg” or “Which’s the top-grossing movie of 2015?”

Cortana’s more than simply voice orders, however. You can create an appointment, manage it, set a reminder and alarm for the same too. A very attractive feature of Cortana is, it allows you to get basic answers of your questions without digging the browser results.

Conrtana Windows 10


  1. Microsoft Edge

Finally! Yes, finally, our very own old Internet Explorer has bid adieu and has taken a new birth as Microsoft Edge, It’s a window’s new browser. Microsoft made a decent regular attempt to get individuals to forget Internet Explorer. It simply wasn’t occurring. Presently, with Windows 10, Microsoft is dumping the old program for Microsoft Edge. IE has been completely revamped, including Cortana support and a note-taking mode that allows users to draw on web pages. Though Edge does not support plug-ins this time, the expansions are on their way, so Edge may be worth experimenting with.

  1. Multiple Desktop Feature

There was a time when windows could not handle to open multiple tasks at a time. Microsoft has added the capacity to make and deal with numerous desktops. You can include new desktops, rapidly move windows in the middle of them, and hop between desktops by hitting Win-Tab. They are just like adding any new tab in a web browser. A fresh desktop for a fresh work! This may not be valuable for normal clients, but those of us who do a ton of work with windows machines will welcome the element.

Multi Doing in Wimdows 10

Multi Doing

  1. Notification Center

Almost every OS including mobiles has had a notification center for quite a while. Microsoft has a greatly required element to Windows 10. You can tap the notice plate symbol in the lower-right half of the screen or press Win-A to open up your notifications.

The notification center additionally has connections to different helpful components like the Windows 10 Settings application, VPN settings, and speedy switches for things like area and Quiet Mode, brightness, external speaker connect button, etc.

Now coming to minor tweaks:

  1. The introduction of Windows store where you can download apps related to games, music, movies and TV, Like in tablets and pin it in your start menu.
  2. The search on the task bar gives you results of whatever you search locally and through internet.
  3. The start menu tiles can be resized and moved and also can be grouped according to it’s utilization like a work group of apps etc
  4. When you want to browse apps in all apps list of start menu, just by clicking any of the alphabets will take you to the main alphabet center where you can choose the alphabet of the app you want to use.
  5. New or multi users can be added as family members exclusively granting admin powers to them. Also regular users can be added.
  6. No more searching for downloaded files or bookmarked sites. The Hub provides one-click access to your favorites, downloads, reading list and more.
  7. Wi-Fi sense is one new innovation where we can share wifi without compromising our network security and making our password public in an in-house social gathering.
  8. Xbox connection has been made available where anyone can record their game play within seconds.
  9. Introduction of cloud storage One drive, Which enables the access to data stored on One drive from many other personal devices like Tablets and phones.
  10. The Windows Hello feature provides system support for biometric authentication. It senses your fingerprint to your face to the iris of your eye.

Having such a huge update, Windows 10 will definitely be loved by one and all. As Microsoft called its new Os – “It’s familiar, it’s productive, it’s flexible, it’s personal”, Windows 10 is truly standing for it.

Started loving Windows 10 already? Wait there, along with this huge list of advantages, there are some disadvantages also. Here is the list of it,

  1. There is no Windows Media Center, yes! They have rolled back the software.
  2. The free upgrade hype is true , but the upgrade is free only for first one year!
  3. If you are upgrading from windows 8 then you’ll curse the new upgrade as the touch and swipe controls suffer big time!

Now thinking on whether to upgrade or not ? You can always try the new windows 10 and revert to your older version if you find it better. All you need is your original OS DVD which you got while buying the older Windows of yours. Be with us to know more about the most discussed update- Windows 10. We will come up with some more information about it soon. Till then, Happy Windows 10 Exploration!

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