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In a line of social media websites, a new name Pinterest has been added before four years, which is increasingly being harnessed by the people these days. If you are not aware, Pinterest is a photo sharing platform where people can join and pin their choice of images on their boards.  With the increase of the visits on Pinterest, it is becoming one of the most important social media marketing platforms. People here pin scrutinized articles and images in the same way as they pin them on their bulletin boards. The social visual board Pinterest, is increasingly becoming popular in different industries. While at the time of beginning, it was more used in selective industries like; food, fashion, designs and arts, it has spread its wings now to almost all the industries. However, you must have some creative drives for using this platform, the biggest benefit of this is, as it is a visual board, it attracts and gives the message in a fraction of a moment. Colorful pins with attractive designs and clarity of message, can certainly let your products shine. The fact that the visitors referred from Pinterest are 10 percent more likely to make a purchase from you makes it worth spending time for creative and interactive pinning.


Fact 1: Marketing is becoming more Visual

Reports and researches make it clear that the value of social media marketing and especially, visual marketing is given higher importance than ever before. More and more people are adding or planning to add Pinterest in their social media marketing efforts.  The visual marketing based tools such as Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram are clearly being the first choice of the marketers due to their effectiveness. It is found that nearly 67 percent of marketers are planning to harness the power of YouTube marketing, while 50 percent of marketers are planning to use Pinterest.

Fact 2: B2C marketers are more inclined towards Visual Marketing

Business 2 consumer marketers are expected to spend more time on promoting their products on visual networks such as; Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram compared to business 2 business marketers. This is indirectly indicating a higher need to start visual marketing for B2C marketers.

Fact 3: Original Pins have a lot of scope

As per the reports of RJMetrics, 80 percent of pins are re-pins on this platform. This means that you have a lot of scope of being shared if you bring something really new and creative to Pinterest. If you create your own visual content, you would have a whole group of people re-pining and spreading the words for your products. Just an original informative image with a link can do magic, though simple and sober. Just take a fresh image from your video or infographics and add it your Pinterest board to get a magical effect.

Fact 4: Simple contests are very effective

As a marketer, your main motive should be to increase the re-pins of your pins as much as possible, and the contests are a very useful mean for that. Run simple contests where participants must pin your content from your sites, blogs or your boards. The winning candidate should be one with maximum followers and who has maximum re-pins of your content. Just create a catchy contest to bring that urge in them.

Fact 5: It is emerging as an decision making tool

It is estimated that around 47 percent of US online shoppers have made a purchase on the recommendation from Pinterest. Here, Pinterest stands first beating Facebook and Twitter which are at 33 and 31 percent respectively.

The above facts show how visual marketing and Pinterest are becoming inevitable for all the marketers. We shall also discuss about the effective ways of using Pinterest for various industries. Be tuned with us and we will show you how you can be benefited adding Pinterest to your social media marketing cart.

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