Why the Whole Intolerance Discourse is Proven Wrong


Residing in India or outside the country, nobody needs to be apprised about the recently discussed issue of India being Intolerant. When a bunch of celebrities and media people were talking about it, even the common people were not able to curb commenting on it. Social media was flooding with the views and people were so much agitated that everybody had an opinion to make. But recently everything got washed away with the decade’s perhaps one of the most devastated calamities- Chennai Floods.

Men Divide the Community and Nature Unites!

Where the whole social media was deluged with different opinions, I was really muddled thinking where the humanity is leading and where it will end! Everyone was pointing at other creeds, castes and religions. But the Chennai Floods shut every one’s mouth blaming the Nation Intolerant, and thus, I could also be assured about the Humanity’s Existence. We divide ourselves among caste, creed, culture and religion but what keeps us undivided is: A smile and the love, and that is proved in Chennai. When the nature tasted us, we remained undivided.

So many groups, so many people are helping the victims without knowing names and religions. When we pray God daily, we could see its face in our army where they just work for the mankind. If we will talk about the good work of people, it would be an incessant talk. This calamity has affirmed that we are not intolerant and we are still human beings with love and hope in our hearts.

Chennai Flood

But there comes a question that why are we so vulnerable? May be because we are sentiment driven, may be because we believe on half read information, or may be something else. Ergo, let us not be shaken by any politician, media or celebrity but use our own brains.  Let us not have vehement ideas about any religion or caste, but be open-minded. Let us not fall prey to any foul mouthed selfish person but keep benevolence alive.

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