Virtual Wardrobe Mirror- Shopping is no more a Time Consuming Gig


When was the last time you were stuck at your favorite showroom waiting in front of the trial room? When was the last time you missed the cake-cutting part at your best friend’s birthday because you were spoilt for choice when you went out to buy the perfect dress? Well, all your shopping & waiting worries have been significantly laid to rest thanks to the new technology phenomenon deemed as a virtual mirror!

Even if you might not know it now, but this is going to become every woman’s best friend sooner rather than later as soon as it hits the popular spectrum. A virtual mirror is essentially a hyper-realistic virtual mirror which allows you to put on and try different set of clothes with a simple wrist-flick. Furthermore, the icing on the cherry is the fact that you can share these images online on an instantaneous basis.

Virtual Wardrobe Mirror

Virtual Wardrobe Mirror

Virtual Wardrobe By All Means

In a way, you can claim it as a virtual wardrobe per se which means that you will no longer be needed to try those clothes on. So your hassle of standing and waiting in the trial room lanes is all but over now! Also, it takes so much as a wrist flick for you to try on your favorite set of clothes.

It’s like you’re walking with your own virtual wardrobe wherever you are. All you need is a compatible device and an internet connection.

Pros of a Virtual Mirror:

  • Displays some of the latest and trending garments as per your taste.
  • Performs an effective digital scan of your body – Hence the outfits that will be suggested to you will be as per your body numbers only
  • No more waiting in the trial room lanes
  • No more hassle of carrying multiple outfits at once as you can try countless outfits in the matter of a few minutes
  • Optimizes the overall shopping experience
  • Fitting issues will be significantly avoided
  • Intuitive gesture controlled user interface
  • Images can be instantaneously shared on the social media
  • Access to a wide product catalog
  • Real time cloth physics
  • Photos that will come up are high resolution
  • Improves customer engagement which is good news for shopkeepers as it will generate the possibility of increasing sales
  • Access to a variety of customization tools
  • Get access to remote management

How It Works

  • First things first, it performs an accurate digital scan of your body. This makes sure that the clothes that are being suggested to you are as per your body dimensions.
  • Then it utilises a motion capture camera in order to come up with a very realistic 3D image.
  • This is when the garment options will come flashing by over your realistic image giving you the feel of a virtual wardrobe.
  • Moreover, the computer will also go on to select accessories depending on the customer’s size and shape.
  • The best thing about this is the fact that the customers can then instantaneously share their images with their friends and family for opinions or general merriment.

Without one shadow of a doubt, this Virtual mirror technology is going to revolutionize the shopping experience of people across the world. It will definitely change the way shopping is done. Given that we’re living through an internet boom right now, this comes as no surprise that everything is going digital these days.

Imagine a situation where you’re trying 10 outfits for your precious wedding day in a matter of minutes. That day is not too far away! Happy Shopping!


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