Virtual Reality Games Dominating 2016 E3


Virtual Reality games  are a godsend for passionate gamers around the world! Virtual Reality games have had a real good time in the gaming industry since the last few years. But this year, it got to a whole new level, especially with the E3!

The E3, which is an annual expo of games and other hardware came to life in Los Angeles from 14th to 16th June this year, and E3 assured that virtual reality gamers were happy, for this time, the E3 was perfectly dominated by the exclusive set of new virtual reality games that have just arrived into the market.

The Air Around Virtual Reality

Having been dominated by 3-D. 4-D., 5-D, storylines and Alienware in the past, the E3 was all set to be dominated by Virtual Reality this year. But it wasn’t just software and games that actually blew everyone’s mind, it’s was the supporting technology that took away the whole stage this time. Most of the gamers had experienced virtual reality games and their eyes were all stuck on new support systems that will actually take the gaming experience to a whole new level.

Games That Were At The Top Of The Podium

Let’s start with the most amazing games that were there at the E3 to take away your mind. Few of the most popular game stations such as ‘Robinson: The Journey’, ‘The Climb’ and ‘The Lab’ were actually a great place of attraction for people. But the most awaited games this year were ‘Titanfall 2’ and ‘Final Fantasy XV’ while ‘The Last Guardian’ was also up for the grabs.

For all the action fans, ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’, supported by the best firmware, was there to take away their minds. While for superhero gamers, ‘South Park: the fractured But Whole’ did the job. Every year, the E3 gets a huge contribution from the big bids of the gaming world such as UbiSoft and Electronic Arts.  But this time, Ubisoft had the mike. With their new IP, Steep, already up for a grab, Ubisoft was set to take away the E3 with them.

Much Anticipated New Releases

What’s more, the E3 released fantastic trailers of many virtual reality games such those of the ‘Death stranding’ and ‘The Legend of Zelda’ before the event which attracted a wide audience. To incite some more curiosity, trailers of ‘God of War’ and ‘Sea of Thieves’ were released.

But the main segment in E3 was the console section which is also the pillar of the virtual reality gaming stage and it was all set to rock the party. Fuze Games VP Charles Young announced the release of the new console ‘Fuze’ that was released at the E3 and which was released to tailor the rising expectations of millions of virtual reality gamers. This amazing console came up with whole new level of gaming experience with faster working, better efficiency and extra dimensions to make it extra real.

Headsets Galore!

Oculus Rift_VR

Oculus Rift_VR (Courtsey:

One of the best gaming technologies today are headsets and indeed, the E3 was ready with them. This year’s E3 saw the release of two great headsets, namely the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Also, people got to take a look at the upcoming PlayStation VR which will open to millions of people who are waiting for a new experience. While the PlayStation and other platforms are gearing up, game developers such as ‘Star Trek’ are running side by side. They announced their new game which supports all three platforms while they released a very fun demo before they release the game.

Brand Wars

Even the pre-show of E3 was dominated by Virtual Reality games, particularly by Sony. They announced the release of their amazingly sounding games such as Arkham VR, a VR version of Resident Evil 7 and a VR addition to Final Fantasy XV. The gamers at E3 also got to try to demos for many upcoming VR’s such as Rigs, Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey and the Psychonauts.

But Sony was not satisfied with just games, they also announced the release of their new gaming console ‘Neo’ which is supposedly another awesome console that makes everything feel much better in any VR game.

The Oculus Rift was another Virtual Reality gaming console that was released in an attempt to counter Sony’s Neo. It arrived with the best looking VR games and certainly made a huge impact at the E3. The Rift, which is actually a VR without motion controllers, was an amazingly start by Oculus and has a lot to catch up with.

On the other hand, the HTC Vive was all set on a booth and offered many private demo sessions. The HTC Vive came up with many demos such as ‘World War II: Shooting Gallery Front Defense’.

The E3 saw a large amount of competition, and also saw many great innovations as well. Now, it’ll all trim down to the next three months, when these amazing games hit the reality market!

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