Top 3 Technology Trends in Enterprise Software


Enterprise software is another terms for EAS – Enterprise Application Software. Essentially, it is computer software designed to serve a specific purpose diligently and effectively. It is directly aimed at empowering individuals in order to forge dynamic, optimized and smarter solutions for the betterment of the organization as a whole. As the name suggests, the needs of one, outweighs the needs of many!

Enterprise Software Trends

Enterprise Software Trends

Smartphones, the game changer!

We are living in a society where mobile not only plays a pivotal role in our lives, but it is a kind of our life in a metaphorical sense. Be it customers, producers or employees, they all are expected to be able to perform just about any business transaction on their mobiles. Reports suggest that there will be an increase in emphasis on serving and fulfilling the requirements of the mobile user in diverse contexts and environments, for which the organizations will need to be more dynamic in their approach. Mobile phones and portable wearable devices have now become part of an expanded and diverse computing ecosystem. Putting it clearly, the needs of the mobile user will need to be addressed more effectively and to make this possible the whole computing environment will have to adapt to it. Furthermore, this will entitle IT organizations with more management challenges as they lose control of user endpoint devices. This will also be followed by the increased need to focus on user experience and operating software design.

Cloud Cloud Everywhere….

The cloud is here to stay and here to stay for long! Without the cloud, companies, businesses or organizations can’t function smoothly. Over Exabyte of data has been stored on the cloud, with more numbers flowing in every second given the gravity of what is happening on the gigantic business front. This year has also gloriously marked the onset of enterprise workloads amalgamating with the cloud. The propagation of containerization and enterprise orientation has successfully replaced the phenomenon of agile programming. Not just AWS, but Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Engine have also entered the fray apart from the orthodox legends like Rackspace and Verizon Terremark..

Not just words, but cloud now walks the talk and handsomely so!

Advanced Autonomous Machines

In upcoming times, technologies will be able to not just collect information but also will be able to reflect and learn based upon it. As a result, human personnel required for initial analysis will not be required as the machines and devices will be capable of it, thus delivering results in real time. People will only be required to engage at higher or at the ultimate level of decision making. The engagement of robots will increase in diverse fields due to their ability to master tasks which are currently done or are only by humans. Take for instance the self driving autonomous car which relies on numerous sensors and cameras and which has only been possible due to the past research and learning from self driving vehicles in controlled environments. Transitioning from controlled environments to non-controlled environments will be the thing in future. Drone technologies will see stupendous advancement, as suggested by reports. Organizations are working day and night to mimic the human brain’s caliber, one such example is Facebook’s technology of Deepface facial recognition. More and more applications are being developed which can be plugged or associated together, and the combination will render much greater value than the sum of the parts.

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