Top 10 most awaited wearable gadgets of 2015


Wearable Technology or the wearable gadgets like wristwatch, belts, jewelry, etc., have been marking some noise in the market. They are technological devices, which help the wearer to track information about their health and fitness. These gadgets look trendy; just like any other piece of jewelry. Some of the gadgets have motion sensors that can be sync with your mobiles. Hence, now you can check your mails and other chats by using these gadgets.

Wearable Gadgets

Wearable Technology

Your heart rate, body fat, composition, perspiration, temperature, health, and muscle activity is measured and recorded by these wearable devices. As soon as they touch your skin, they begin tracking the frequency. 2015 certainly brings some of the new hopes in this section and hence, there are many upcoming and useful gadgets to look up to in the year 2015:

1. Apple Watch

The most awaited wearable, everyone was waiting anxiously for Apple watch one. Apple has already stated that it will be launching three versions of it. The Apple Watch comes in three different models, two different sizes, and six different finishes, with a range of swappable bands. It is going to be a fantastic health and fitness device, which is combined with a touch of fashion and trendy designs. It is sure going to be a revolutionary smartwatch of 2015.

2. Fitbit Surge

An early player in wearables, Fitbit are going to launch their new Charge & Surge this year. The Surge will include GPS tracker, caller – id, music control, and other necessary health tracking elements. It also includes features like long battery life, auto sleep alarms, and syncing. With a polished, strong, and sturdy look, this is surely going to appeal to senses and eyes.

3. Fitbit Charge

Just like its Surge, Fitbit Charge will help you in keeping track of all day activities. The difference being, it is more of belt than a watch. But that doesn’t make it less cool. It will be loaded with features like Caller id, watch, & display screen, synchronizing, alarms, etc.

4. Pebble Time

Pebble is also a well-known company when it comes to buy and decide wearables. The beautiful and lovely designs with smart sense technology set it apart from rest of the wearables. It has a thinner & slimmer design, which allows you to communicate verbally with the device. Get all the updates with this one on your hand.

5. Samsung Gear VR

Make your bison clearer and better with this Samsung Gear VR. No, we are not vouching for it but stating the obvious facts. With this, you can see a brighter and clearer pictures. Totally a next gen thing.

6. Digitsole

Yet another evolutionary fitness tracker, this one goes down at your feet. Attach them with your shoes and it will calculate step by step data. You can transfer the data as you want so that you can return to them anytime.

7. FITGuard

FITGuard is an awesome invention for athletics. They play with their life at stake. This guard has to be worn around mouth. If the player is hit too hard, this guard will emitte light to warn him and others. Most of times, a player doesn’t realize the complication of his injuries. This will protect and make him vigilant about it.

8. BioSport

Powered by Intel, this BioSport earbuds with heart rate monitor will keep you thriving and updated. You can know the exact heartbeats and their frequency through this. It combines sound very well too, so next time you are on run; you can enjoy and facilitate your heart too.

9. Ringly

Ringly is the ‘thing’ for females. Next time when you are at a party or get together, you need not carry your phone with you. Connect your mobile with Ringly jewelry and receive notifications. Yes, and this jewelry is crafted in pure gold/silver with gemstones.

10. Oculus Rift

This headset will totally exemplify your experience. With some super surround sound, visual effects, and integrity – this is the future of tomorrow. Though no official date is set yet, it is making some wave in the market.

Whether you are a tech freak or not, these wearables would surly electrify you to get them experienced. Pre-book your wearables now, before they vanish! And be in touch with us to be informed about the technologies!

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