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Do you know anybody who doesn’t have a Facebook wall? Or do you know anybody who doesn’t use hashtags? Me neither! The fact of the matter is that social media is not even a phenomenon now, as it has become a common jargon in everybody’s lives.

People live virtually these days through their digital profiles liking images, retweeting videos, or poking. Such is the frantic social media age we’re living in, where even more is less.

Whenever one thinks of social media, Facebook and Twitter occupy the podium positions. The power of the ‘hashtag’ as you must’ve heard is immense. What started out as a nascent concept which took some getting used to, has now become a revelation in the social media industry. So much so that it is not only active on Twitter these days, but is a common entity on other social media platforms as well like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and much more. Moreover, it has also become part of the basic lingo among youth.

Promoted Tweets Tips

Promoted Tweets Tips

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about the business side of Twitter. Like Facebook marketing focuses on ad spaces, Twitter marketing focuses on trending hashtags and promoted tweets.

Tweets should be very interesting in a general sense, consistent as well as concise with your brand’s tone. But if you spend money behind tweets, it is certainly essential that they achieve the goals set. Promoted tweets should describe your message in a clear way. Whether it be about the brand, resonate with your audience and also prompt the audience to take an action after reading the promoted tweets.

Let us look at the ways in which you can accomplish all of this in around 140 characters. They are as per the following:


Your call to action is certainly the most essential part of the promoted tweet and it is recommended that you put it in writing first. Whether you want the public to download your content, visit your site, be precise about the CTA and also the incentive. Having a clear call to action is certainly essential if you are a B2B company and target an audience that spends lesser time on social media. Everybody needs directions right?


Different types of audiences speak in a different way, so use the language in such a way that it connects to them and can make them take an action regarding the promoted tweet. This will certainly help your brand in gaining maximum number of people. Give people the opportunity to connect with your brand. Customer engagement is the name of the game these days. The more personalized you get, the better it will be. If you give the audience which is of some value to them, be it big or small, they will be hooked no matter what. Always remember – Be Specific. If you’re targeting a community who supports Cristiano Ronaldo, don’t talk about sports in general but speak about football as a whole.


In a recent study it has been found out that tweets that are under 100 characters get 18% more engagement. Keep your promoted tweet short and concise. Using short and sweet headlines can grab the eyeballs of the audience in just a few seconds and enable them to engage in your promoted tweet. Try an interesting stat or ask a question and this will eventually bring in more engagement. Do not use too much of technical words and it’s better if you avoid these, it could lead to the audience getting confused about what you want to say and they may not be interested knowing about it.


As per internal the data of twitter, promoted tweets with videos, images attached gain around 300% more engagement as well as 52% more retweets. It is a really good idea to experiment with different videos as well as images within your paid campaign.

Take full advantage of Twitter cards that permit you to drive more engagement to the promoted tweets. You can highlight content in the form of video or an offer inside a tweet using cards, so that the users can preview the content without the hassles of clicking on it to view.

Social media has changed drastically over the years. Statuses aren’t shared much these days; its all about images and videos. People on social media aren’t readers anymore, they’re viewers. The fact that you’ll see thousands and thousands of promoted tweets everyday, the competition is immense and hence, strategy is the key. Study your target audience comprehensively and you’re golden!

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