The Prominent most Content Marketing Trends of 2014


With the year 2014 reaching at its half way, it is a right time to check if you are using the latest marketing strategies for your brand and/or organization. With content marketing, being one of the most eminent activities of inbound marketing, it has become imperative to check the latest and successful trend of it. It is believed that almost 60% of business organizations are employing some form of inbound marketing, thus, giving rise to their content marketing strategies. Organizations have also realized that effective content marketing attracts more customers and also builds trust worthy relationships between the them.

Before knowing about the Content Marketing trends, let us understand content marketing in brief. It is possible that your organization is already using content marketing, but lack of good strategy is restricting it to bring the best results. Content Marketing is basically about providing effective information to your existing and prospective clients that can help building their trust. Fresh and effective content also proves you the leader in the market with sound knowledge and skills of your field. There are many forms of Content Marketing such as; Blogging, e-Books, Newsletters, Presentations, Podcasts, Webinars, Videos, Whitepapers and more.

We will also see how to build an effective content strategy after having a look at the leading content marketing trends of this year.

  • Use of Mobile Content Marketing is vital

It is already proved that lucid and fresh content can create magic, but now with the high acceptance of smartphone and tablets, the organizations will have to understand the importance of creating mobile friendly websites and collaterals. Businesses have realized that good quality and relevant content can increase the engagement with the target audience, resulting in more business. More and more companies are adopting digital marketing strategies consisting content marketing. As per the survey, 50% of the average global mobile web users now use mobile as either primary or exclusive means of going online. This means a great bunch of people can be attracted with mobile compatible content marketing strategies, which includes, mobile friendly websites, mobile friendly brochures, presentations, flyers, newsletters, etc.

  • Location Based Content Marketing will go on peak

Location based content marketing will be a strong focus for many businesses which is also driven by the increased trend of GPS-enabled services and applications of mobiles and tablets. Location based content can provide the customers with quite relevant information lessening the time to surf and search. Providing information which is more intuitive and effective from a geographical perspective to the potential clients can surely higher Return On your Investment.

  • Visual Content Marketing will be the most effective way

Visual Content have been proved the most effective way of content representation during the last year and it will continue to remain such effective in 2014. As per the 2014 B2B content marketing research, Visual content like infographics have created good waves in the market and it will also remain one of the most effective ways of Digital Marketing. With the technological advancements, organizations can now find more creative ways of distribution of content than simple images and graphics. There are many more interactive ways of attracting target customers which can be read and understood by the customers in a lesser time and thus, more welcomed by them. The visual content can be very engaging that can deliver better results than the traditional content forms.

  • Social Media Engagement will have good impact

Social Media engagement is indeed not a new idea but it is becoming more diversified with more and more upcoming players and new features of the elder ones. Organizations will have to make extra efforts to get a sizable piece of this social media pie with better strategies and smarter ways. Previously dominated by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, the social media is now having a cool players like Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. It is believed that the impact of these channels will surge forward in the upcoming days.

  • Businesses will need a “Content Marketing Director”

With the increased awareness and importance of content marketing, more and more organizations are investing in content marketing strategies and effective documents. With the load of creating effective and interactive content and disseminating them, the organizations will need a separate department and thus, a separate head. Also, though businesses are trying to automate content marketing, it is never possible to make it fully automated. Automated content is not at all a good option for an organization expecting high quality content dissemination, as it will only result in poor quality content and poor quality branding. We should never forget that the strength of content marketing lies in its personal and customer centric approach.

In all, in the upcoming days of the year 2014, the organizations will have to invest more time, energy and money in Content Marketing. The organizations which have already started doing it, may need to analyze the roadblocks and reconsider the strategies irrespective of its results. The reason behind is, that it is an emerging and most fluctuating industry, where organizations have to be vigilant to be with the flow.

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