The Future of Cloud Computing


If you haven’t heard about it, you’re definitely using the cloud and reaping the fruits of this innovation on a daily basis. Do you have a Gmail account? That would suffice the fact that you’re on the cloud in some way or the other. The art of making use of an entire network of remote servers which have been hosted on the Internet for the purposes of processing, managing, and storing data as a substitute for a personal computer or a local server for that matter, is known as cloud computing.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing- the Future

Well, it has been on the rise ever since the turn of this decade. Maybe the christenisation of the term hasn’t been adopted yet but it has been put to good use by billions across the world.

The year 2015 saw the rise of hybrid cloud computing and cloud centric designs. Who is to say that 2016 won’t follow suit? Let us look at some of the future trends and insights that will dominate the cloud computing domain for years to come.

The Example Setting Juggernauts

There’s a reason why the internationally recognized tech giant Microsoft faced a commercial cloud resurgence as its revenue grew by no less than 128 percent in Q3 in the year 2014. On the other hand, Microsoft’s services and products revenue increased by 13 percent. You get the gist, don’t you?

Cloud computing is showcasing astronomical numbers in industries across the planet.

If these Fortune 500 companies and international bigshots are investing and generating so much out of cloud computing, it is by no means a false storm. It’s the real deal!

Moreover, 42 percent of decision makers belonging to the IT industry proclaimed that they will increase their spending in the near future whilst simultaneously triggering a growth of the organizations by a staggering 52%.

SaaS, IaaS & PaaS

Recent studies across cloud business application services and the SaaS platform reveal that the industry’s growth from $13.5B in 2011 will reach a mammoth $32.8B in 2016, which brings about a 19.5% CAGR.

Also, the entirety of the total cloud space is changing. The demographics and the numbers are changing. It is rightly said that in the cloud computing world, change is the only constant. As predicted by Cisco, 59 percent of the overall cloud work spaces will be dominated by SaaS services [Software As A Service], which was previously recorded at 41 percent back in the year 2013.

Of course, that being said, something had to give. Proportionally, the fields of IaaS [Infrastructure As A Service] and PaaS [Platform As A Service] are being projected to occupy a reduced number. Now, IaaS is projected to occupy 28 percent of the total cloud workload, coming down from 44 percent in the year 2013. In the same way, PaaS has been reduced to 13 percent as opposed to its overhaul of 15 percent in 2013.

No denying that SaaS is on the move and how! Last year saw SaaS generate $78.43B in revenue, which is projected to reach $132.57 in the year 2020. That’s a CAGR of a staggering 9.14 percent [Compound Annual Growth Rate].

IaaS hasn’t been left too far behind, though! As studies project that in the industrial and organizational sector, over 80 percent of global enterprises will  be implementing IaaS by focusing on private cloud computing.

The IT Sector As A Whole

As of 2016, studies have suggested that the IT industry as a whole will shift its budget towards the domain of cloud computing as a delivery model instead of conventional in-house IT services [Shift by 11%].

As we all know, we’re living in the digital age of mobile applications. The fact that no less than 35 percent of new applications will now work on cloud enabled regimes is a testament to how far cloud computing has come, and how far it is willing to go. There’s no turning back now per se! It has well and truly become the centre of business innovation.

In a general sense, IT executives and business managers are realizing the potential of this innate technology and are looking to tap it sooner rather than later. Mobile devices [28 percent], security [36 percent] and cloud computing [31 percent] has been recognized as the top 3 domains organizations want to focus on in the near future.

Everybody is shifting their enterprise control over to the cloud. Companies are adopting cloud based platforms to perform business critical operations.

IDC forecasts that by the year 2018, the total public cloud spending will amass to more than twice the previous number of $127.5 billion.

While a large number of companies and analysis based organizations have forecasted a lot of prophecies for cloud computing, all different by some means, but there’s just one common point which states that cloud computing is on the rise and there’s no looking back for now!

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