Still wondering WHY Content Marketing?


With the passing of time, organizations have accepted content as a major game-changer element in their marketing efforts. The Custom Content Council has also announced that the content marketing industry had become remarkably popular by reaching at 44$billion. Big brands are also investing considerable amount and efforts for content marketing. In such a scenario, are you lagging behind in giving attention to content marketing? Are you skeptical about the effectiveness of it? Here are some of the major reasons why brands are investing in content marketing and why every organization should;

  •  Google prefers fresh content

Well aware we all are, that Google prefers fresh and relevant content. But that is not the only reason for building a content marketing strategy. Effective content and stories keep the customers and people engaged with your brand and keep them discussing about it. Google, with the motive of giving the most effective search engine results, would always select the more talked about products in its results.

  • Consumers demand short and engaging content

As consumers are becoming more aware, they always wish to know more and more about the products and services they are spending on. In B2C markets, content plays a very important role, as the customers are always looking for the information that help them make informed decisions. An effectively defined content marketing strategy would engage the consumers at every stage of the process, keeping them informed about the products or services.

  •  Effective content build loyalty

The more informed your customer is, the more loyal he would be. When a potential customer has narrowed some options and wants to make a decision, he would always trust the product about which he gets to know maximum. The information floating on the web never goes stale.

  • It distinguishes your brand from the competitors

The content marketing tools like blogs, newsletters, white papers, etc. are very effective to keep the customers engaged. When the customers are continuously engaged with your product or service, they would be easily able to connect themselves with you, striking out your competitors. And the superiority of a brand will easily pop up in front of every one.

  • It brings strong ROI

After all, all businesses finally look at the Return on their Investments. And here also, content marketing wins. As per the study by Eloqua and Kapost, content marketing is more than three times effective to the paid search practices. Compelling content is the core of every successful organization. Effective content that is aligned to the customers can bring you the best incentives engaging them more and more with the product information.   Content marketing is now becoming a company bailiwick. The giants like Coca-Cola, Colgate, Kraft and Kodak are one of the few brands, leveraging content marketing effectively. But, measuring Content Marketing ROI is also as important as building an effective strategy. There are many tools and tactics are available in the market for measuring the success of your marketing efforts. Be in tune with us and we will suggest you the solutions for measuring the ROI of your content marketing.

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