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India has always managed to answer back the global giants with its innovation and brilliant minds. There is no doubt to the fact that WhatsApp had completely revolutionized the trend of Instant Messaging (IM). And with a user count in millions, its competitors had to struggle to come in the market. However, Indian based HIKE messenger did came out in flying colors. Just like I said, I see HIKE as India’s answer to the world. It’s fresh, big and better. Besides it has been developed by one of the leading telecom powers of India, Bharti Mittal.



Bigger and Better

The reason why I said it is better is that: it can work in offline mode too. This feature has caught everyone’s eyes all over. If we talk about any other IM App in the market, there is hardly any that supports this feature. The company on recently launched a feature called hike Direct, which allows users to share data and files without Internet connectivity within a radius of 100 meters.

There are three different ways one can communicate with HIKE. First and the most extensive way is HIKE-HIKE messaging anywhere in the world for free. Another way to communicate with users not using HIKE but a smartphone, via SMS service constrained to India for now. Lastly one can also text another person without smartphone via SMS.

Another perk here is that you are not charged for these messages from your service provider. HIKE offers its users 100 messages every month. Although you can avail more messages in your account through referrals to friends who are new to HIKE and also when a friend not using HIKE replies you back.

Lot More In the Bag

HIKE is not just all about being able to offer IM even in the absence of internet service on the receiver’s end. It’s all new exciting features make the whole experience of the chatting much more interesting and creative. The latest official launch of 4.0 version brought sensational features like Sticker Suggestions from a variety of more than 5000 stickers. HIKE also allows its users to share any kind of media like PDF, documents, images, ZIP files, etc. with a size up to 100MB.

HIKE has played smart by offering features that no other giant in the market offers. No wonder it is giving a tough fight to WhatsApp. HIKE is gearing up for another round of increase in business in next 12 months and is quite confident of crossing the 100 million user mark by the second half of 2016. The company also plans to launch features such as video calling in the coming months. Let us see how the Indian originated HIKE takes its users high in user experience.

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