Some of the Annoying habits of people on Facebook


Do you feel irritated by someone’s frequent posts on Facebook which almost compel you to unfollow/unfriend them? Yes, it does happen with many of us. Facebook, one of the biggest names of the Social Media is also one of the biggest platforms to show off and indulge in politics. I have observed different types of Facebook users with annoying habits.

Public Display of Affection

This is perhaps one of the most annoying gestures. We have a bunch of people in everyone of ours friend lists, who keep on showing off their affection for their loved ones. On special days and special occasions, we get to see long affectionate notes and emotional photos or attractive gifts. Silly messages with silly pics really suck. Let them know that you are not the only one who is blessed with people who love you and even if you are the luckiest husband or wife, no one would ever find it interesting to know.

The Fitness Freak

Oh so you jogged today 10kms., is there anyone out interested in knowing that? Whether you gymed and made a six packed body or reduced 10kgs, no need to boast. You did it for yourself. Dieting or gyming or jogging or walking, keep it to yourself.

The Foodie

People do cook. Is there anything new in that? Ok, some special and different dishes have a valid reason to be posted, but pics of regular dishes are also posted by some people. And that is not it, their close ones comment on them too, as if they have performed an Oscar winning act. Nobody cares what are you eating, where are you eating. So, please stop posting photos of fancy restaurants with a table full of food items.

Selfies and Pics Freak

The Photoshop lovers, face makers and self-obsessed people! They take pics of every small occasion and spend too much time in photoshopping them. This covers good or silly moments with friends, family or spouse. There are people who do not take pics with the motive to preserve good memory, but with the motive to post them on FB. And lastly, I really don’t understand the trends of taking pics making different funny faces (I never find them funny :P)

The list above is not so extensive. There are many other type of posts and people who actually annoy others. Facebook has become lesser a platform to stay connected but to boast and earn flattery. Do you also have some more gestures of FB users, which you find annoying? Share it with us in comments 🙂

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