Nike’s ‘Self-Lacing’ Shoe Symbolizes Technology at Its Best


Since its launch in 1964, Nike has been offering its global consumers, a range of products that are robust yet possess an aesthetic appeal. In addition to this, Nike is also regarded as one of the most innovative companies in its own domain. Almost a week ago, the company unveiled its revolutionary shoe range in New York and finally marked the foray of technology and smart science into everyday things that we use.

Nike would be an entity to watch out for and now that they have blended technology with their product line, the comfort level is all set to go on a next level, altogether. The statement very well clarifies the unveiling of the revolutionary ‘Self-Lacing’ shoes, which happened not so long ago. Named as, the HyperAdapt 1.0 sneaker, the shoes is designed to adjust to the customer shoe fit automatically and gets amazingly better with time. Remember, Nike’s self-lacing shoe in Back to the Future Part II? Yes, that famous shoe part of the sci-fi movie is now a reality. So wondering, how does it work?

Here’s a clear view:

The Technology

Nike has given this venture a lot of thought and come up with something that has created quite a few ripples in the market and definitely brought a change in the way you have been sharing shoes all these years. The mechanism that backs up the overall functioning of the HyperAdapt 1.0 sneaker was earlier described in US patent 8769844, which was published on 8th of July 2014.

Nike Self-Lacing Shoes

Nike Self-Lacing Shoes

Here is the mechanism:

The shoe basically has a motorized system wherein the laces and the straps are tightened by spinning them around spools. The automatic system has two separate parts with one around the foot and other near the ankle.  Well, the cream is yet to come. There is a sensor in the heel of the show that gets activated once a person steps into them. The sensed weight signals a series of battery-powered pulleys to work upon the throat of the shoe. This would automatically tighten it, thereby, effectively tying the footwear.

Another highlighting aspect about the shoe is the belt around the ankle that has a lot of value to it. Further, there are minus and plus buttons that effectively allows the wearer to stiffen or loosen the grip. The best part is that with time, the show feeds in itself the fitting of the wearer and thereby adjusting would not be required all the times. Isn’t that amazing? Yes of course.

Specifications and Important Updates

Here are few updates on the product:

  • This holiday season, if you are a Nike member, then you can happily avail HyperAdapt 1.0 in three colors.
  • You can avail the amazing product by creating an account online and also sign up to know more on about the shoes.
  • The Nike+ app will be revamped in the month of June and the registered users can have an access to the coveted product range and events.
  • The company has proudly boasted about the battery-powered shoe.
  • No word is yet out on how long the battery might run after a full charge.

Who Fits the Shoe Well?

Nike’s HyperAdapt 1.0 sneaker is a thorough sportsman product. The company says that the adjustment settings and the ability of the shoes to adjust itself to the motions and some of the toughest twists and turns make it an apt product for athletes and people in sports, such as Tennis and Basketball. These sports require strenuous moves and demand a high degree of flexibility and not having a proper sneaker can negatively impact an athlete.

Moreover, the sneakers would also help sportsmen escape some of the harshest sprains and prevent injury.

Let’s see how this innovation brings change in the Footwear market and let’s see what technologies bring further!



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