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Being a resident of Ahmedabad when I had to take decision to move to Singapore, I knew that it would going to be a totally new and challenging phase of my life. Many hardships were expected. I knew I am going to miss my family, friends, my job and my land too, but I have not thought many instances which are actually happening with me. Moving in altogether a new land (where you don’t have a work permit ) with a small kid and spouse, where both the adults have their fix set of responsibilities did never seem to me so attractive but challenging. But as every challenge has a new lesson, this also had a few, and the lessons are still going on πŸ™‚

  1. You feel how close your heart is to your hometown and your country

I had always imagined that I will miss my family like anything, but never imagined my home land is also so close to my heart. However flaws your loved ones might have, you always love them irrespective of the situation, and the same I have felt for my land.

  1. You start valuing small facilities

There were many small facilities in my life since long which I used to take as granted. When I came out of my cocoon, I realized how those small facilities were woven in my life and how adequate they used to make my life.

  1. You become independent and learn a lot

Now comes the gaining portion, where you learn a lot. Starting from money management to cleaning, cooking and managing loneliness, you have to learn doing everything by your own. Initially, I was not able to do this, but gradually, I had to learn coping with it as it was the compulsion and an only option.

  1. You actually understand what it takes to be a mother

Staying at our home land and especially in India, we generally can’t imagine us handling a child alone for the whole day. At least in our generation, we are privileged generally with the support of parents, relatives and neighbors whose help we get so easily and so frequently, that we never realize how tough it is to be a mother for the whole time. Staying here in Singapore, I became a full time mother, where I can’t even think about my own activities. But again, it taught me the real meaning of being a mother. So, every odd has a learning lesson too πŸ™‚

  1. It makes you value family and relationships

Staying far from your family and friends, you start valuing them more. Even though I valued them always, now I really understand how void we feel from within, when far from them. This teaches you to ignore small difference of opinions and flaws.

  1. And finally, it makes you feel proud and your parents prouder too

After reaching at this position, after surviving the initial tougher days, and managing everything by your own, you also feel proud. I really feel now that managing a career and job was actually not tough, but fighting with these so called small odds and monotony is really one.

But this was about how I felt and how I think. This can not be the case with everyone. Everyone of us has different perspectives, different expectations from life, different aspirations, different attachments and different journeys. But I realized one thing that there comes a phase in perhaps everyone’s life that metamorphosis the way of our thinking.

Maturity and experience

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