Microsoft Office 2016 Dissection 101


Finally Microsoft has released its major upgrade to its productivity software Microsoft Office. Of all the collections in Microsoft’s repertoire, that includes stalwarts like Office 365, Skype and host of productivity apps for various platforms, Office suite still takes away the cake if you ask everyday users of the most used Microsoft features. More than 1.2 billion users of this productivity app crisply corroborate the fact.

Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016

So when Office comes with a major upgrade, it is sure to have the tech world clinging to every new announcement and features. Having said that, hands on with this new version won’t evoke a feeling of awe and you realize that perhaps that is not what Microsoft intends to achieve with this launch. Instead, it is a strategic move to acclimatize their signature tools to the new realm of cloud and sharing. With competition catching up form of Google, Apple, and Libre it was imperative for Microsoft to deliver in this new eco-system.

This article reviews the new release through the fore-mentioned perspective and we will see that Microsoft has done a good job.

It is All about Cloud

Microsoft Office 2016 has definitely made sharing a lot easier than before. Any work done your desktop gets updated across all devices. Special care has been taken to facilitate the handing on mobile devices and tablets and across the platforms of Android and iOS. You are now relived of the manual labor of updating the files across different devices.

Microsoft Excel has some notable changes in additional graph types as well improved BI. Similarly Word comes with new ‘Tell Me’ feature that helps you sift through the array of features and editing options that it has to offer. So next time if you are struggling to insert an audio or an object, simply inquire in Tell Me and it will furnish the most relevant options.

New Office deals with challenge posed by multiple users on the same document. It has the option of witnessing real time updating of documents by multiple users. Its history also preserves prior versions of the work done for easy restoration in case of mistake.

Outlook disappoints

Efforts put in by Microsoft to salvage this mailing app have again fallen short. It still remains an outlandish and tedious system to setup. However some features have managed to appease exchange users. Sharing is more intuitive and leverages cloud platform. Sway, the newest addition to Office, steals the thunder in the domain of innovation. This tool lets you make websites using your pictures and audio. An interesting blend of PowerPoint and Words it lets you draw from pictures, video, clips and tweets to create a webpage which almost feels like a sleight of hand.

Therefore, while this new update bid adieu to the age of major upgrades you can rest assured of a continuous improvement and updates to these tools through cloud services. However, there is one caveat, to get the best out of this revamped Office you need to purchase Office 365. Hence, decide for the upgrade accordingly.

Every PC or laptop or notebook user in the world is familiar with MS Office. That is a testament to this application’s popularity and long standing nature given that there are millions and millions of desktop users on the entire planet. If a service or an application runs for decades, there ought to be something right with it.
This is where Microsoft wins all the plaudits as time and time again, it comes up with newer versions of the MS Office which are far more superior to its predecessors.

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