Leveraging Right IoT Platforms Can be Game Changer


Internet of things (IoT) can be described as the network of physical objects embedded with software, electronics, network connectivity as well as sensors which enables these things to exchange and collect data. It allows objects to be sensed and controlled remotely around existing network infrastructure, which creates a lot of opportunities for direct integration between computer systems and the physical world, which results in economic benefit as well as improved efficiency. When Internet of things (IoT) is actuated with actuators and sensors, the technology turns into an instance of the general class of cyber physical systems and also it encompasses things like smart homes, smart grids, smart cities and intelligent transportation. Every certain thing or object is identifiable via it’s computing system. Many of the experts in the field feel that the Internet of things will have around 50 Billion objects or more by the year 2020. That’s a staggering amount. Things in the Internet of things can refer to numerous devices and it incorporates, heart monitoring implants, automobiles with built in sensors, field operation devices that help firefighters, electric clams in coastal seawaters etc. These devices collect all of the important data via numerous technologies and then flow the data between other devices.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Thingst


No matter what business you’re in which industry you are placed at, the trend in technology is focused towards more connectivity. Connectivity between workers, worker and data center, data center and cloud as well as connectivity between machines. This process is also known as the Internet of things, (IoT) to be specific. The security has always been a concern and (IoT) platforms can certainly change that. Let us look at the ways in which Internet of things can be a Game Changer and provide various benefits. They are as follows:


We all know that customer is the king if you keep the phenomenon of shopping under the microscope. Be it online or offline, giving customers a memorable experience will always be on the top of the priority list for all business managers out there. With the advent of IoT, everything has become easier. The fact that people can buy their favorite football team’s jersey or daily groceries for their wife or last minute birthday gifts for their mother with a simple click of a button is proof enough that the IoT is working wonders. The thing about a secure Internet of things platform will drive the adoption of technologies which gives detailed information and data about customer shopping behavior as well as browsing patterns as to what the customer actually needs. All the businesses can leverage insights generated via this increase in visibility to modify their strategies or adjust their strategies, in turn maximizing sales as well as implementing a better optimized customer experience.


Whether it’s about the IT Department, manufacturing floor or call center, improvements in terms of productivity results in improvements in value. Internet of things can assist businesses to know their weak sides and if technology challenges require to be addressed to strengthen them. Internet of things platform provide a loaded confidence to organizations and allows them to capture and analyze more data and that results in accurate insights about the processes that are examined.


For many enterprises or organizations, some of the data collected from an Internet of things initiative, will fall in a certain category, making compliance a must. The internet of things platforms assist in compliance challenges as well as speed deployment, which makes it perfect for organizations that want to take advantage of Internet of things without messing their compliance status.

There’s a reason why Fortune 500 companies across the world are investing billions in this IoT phenomenon. Following the herd is not always bad you see! Hence, it will just make good business sense to take the plunge and adopt this technology sooner rather than later.

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