iPhone 7- May be a giant leap forward


What to say about Apple, top ranked mobile company of the world has always gifted mankind with new tools and techniques to make them feel complete over short screens! Their experts have been working over the smart phones and they have been pretty much successful in making their customers dead happy with each new-fangled product! Their updates have surpassed expectations of the people in a niche way. iPhone 7 is a handset which is expected to be manufactured with premium levels of tech upgrades and that is sure to get intensified in the market.

Apple users might have to take an intense look at the forthcoming new gadget; iPhone 7 is highly awaited by folks in the market. After the iPhone 6 up gradation, Apple has been extensively working to gather futuristic software on a single screen with just a click! Keeping it SYS; Simple Yet Smart iPhone 7 may come up with all sorts of applications to make tasks done in a simpler way.

iPhone7 Concept

iPhone7 Concept

If you are skeptical about iPhone, just have a look at some of its features assumed;

Two versions, two screen sizes:  iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus are expected to be launched as the next smartphones from Apple. It  may continue to stick to the 4.7- and 5.5-inch screen sizes it has introduced with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Wireless Headphones: Rumors were heard that this phone won’t be having headphone socket so the user has to use wireless headphones where ever they carry their iPhone 7.

Software Update: Talking about the software, it would be carrying “yet-to-be-confirmed” iOS 10 software with an upgraded processor containing more power & better efficiency.

Camera:  There are rumors about some distinguishing features between iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus. And camera  can be a major difference in it. The iPhone7 may continue to use a standard single-lens camera and iPhone7 Plus may come up with the exclusive dual lens camera.

WaterProof: Adhering to the number of complaints of dropping their iPhones into water, Apple may now come up with two remarkable features in iPhone 7. First is the full water resistance capacity of the smartphone and another is iDiver; a special app developed for diving & underwater shooting.

Price: Though there is no idea about the price of the handset, the much awaited iPhone 7 will be honored with some highly anticipated features but the juggernaut may not hike it much than iPhone6s. Let’s wait sometime as Apple is yet to respond officially on these stances.

A big “YES” to Apple as it has worked accurately at its best to make this iPhone, an enhanced version.

Undoubtedly, Apple has been relatively working hard in order to keep up the pace with other such companies providing tech gadgets; be it for laptop or cellphone. This iPhone version has been predicted to go for more hits than the obvious; iPhone 6S. A number of talented graphic designers have revealed couple of images built by them about “How iPhone 7 would look”.

iPhone7 Graphics

iPhone7 Graphics

Although the release date is not yet fixed, this brand has remained stuck to their September Releases; iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S and so the right assumptions fall in the same month of 2016 as well. If iPhone 7 is going to be hit the market in Sep 2016, let us see when the smartphone giant come up with iPhone7 Plus. Let us wait and watch for the official curtain raiser.  Be with us till then!

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