Impact of Artificial Intelligence on our Daily Lives


You might take the concept of Artificial intelligence or AI as a realm of science that is more close to being fictional. However, you would be amazed to know that it’s no longer imaginary but actually a real part of our daily lives. AI has creepily entered our regimes and has managed to take over a major chunk of our lives; both personal and professional. There is no doubt about the fact that the reign of Artificial Intelligence will continue to prosper in future and lay an invincible impact on the human race. You are not even aware about it but most of the technology-driven things you are using or protocols you are going through are being headed by the ideation of AI.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Here are 4 shocking yet real-life ways Artificial Intelligence is changing our lives:

  1. Change in the Way Our Mobile Phones are Behaving

Companies such as Apple have come up with clever consumer-level applications that are nattily using the idea of artificial intelligence. These apps are programmed to produce predictable results on the basis of a human command or a behavior pattern. You no longer have to think about the chat responses or simple tasks like reminding you about an urgent task. One brilliant example is Cleverbot, which has its own database that enables obvious response sharing to a given situation or a problem. Majorly a chat supporting application, Cleverbot is light-hearted and fun application that automatically responds to a chat message with the aid of pre-defined integrated database. However, you have to keep a close watch on the replies as sometimes they might look weird and inappropriate. AI does not analyze chat more like a “real” conversation and chooses responses which it picks as the most optimum for every situation. The application cannot understand the tone, metaphors used etc. and uses an artificial form of intelligence to resolve queries. Even the games you play on your handsets have special settings that are based on the idea of artificial intelligence.

  1. Housewives Are Having the Time of Their Lives

Gone are the days when doing away with daily household chores was tough and tiresome. Nowadays, ladies are finding it easier to tackle some of the arduous household work, such as washing tones of clothes or filling up the house water tank without even bothering about overflow and wastage of water. Take a bow and thank the era of Artificial Intelligence. The washing machines that are being manufactured in the recent times are equipped with necessary functionalities that enables a user to set the timer for wash, rinse and the dry-up procedures. Apart from this, there is an automatic alarm tone that is pre-set and rings after a period of 2-3 hours signaling the person about the completion of the process. You just have to put in the clothes along with the washing detergent and leave all the rest process on the washing machine. Go brew some coffee and watch your favorite soap opera, your clothes will be washed to being pristine in no time. Be it water tank fill up or washing utensils, everything has gone automatic and the procedure has turned amazingly intelligent.

  1. Offering a Face-Lift to our Education System

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your kids break-free from the legacy of books and boring class-room tutoring? Yes, it would definitely be and credit goes to the newness artificial intelligence has brought into. It is predicted that artificial intelligence will change the way the world sees personalized tutoring and school education. The technology will enable a thorough student analysis and bring up interesting results on the basis of their study patterns. With this, teachers and tutors would be able to understand the issues a student is facing or subjects that he/she is finding difficult. The specially designed educational software are equipped enough to adapt to the individual needs of different students and thus provide feedback. The cream is yet to come; teachers too can take advantage of the technology by performing tasks like grading and paper checking with ease. Artificial intelligence will save time and still serve the purposes.

  1. Office Timings are Now Managed Easily

Remember the days when you used to manually enter your office entry and exit times and even the management had a tough time keeping a tab on each entry? Well, times have changed real fast and artificial intelligence has punched hole in here as well. Nowadays, companies are adopting intelligent ways of maintaining the attendance record by using biometrics and face recognition methods. No need to punch cards or manually enter the timings, just place your finger on a device and the system will recognize you. The powerful yet smart authentication system tracks measurable physical characteristics, such as eye cornea, thumb impression or even the whole face. You step onto the entry of your office and put your thumb on the device or bring up your face in the front and voila! The device instantly recognizes you and marks your attendance. Amazingly brilliant!

The potential of artificial intelligence as technology is invincible and the usage is gradually strengthening the foothold. A time will come when the entire world will be commanded by robots and the smart technology would make our lives interesting yet manageable.

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