Hidden Facebook Features That You Should Know About


So Facebook is the ultimate digital avenue inhabited by a billion plus people across the world. The social networking site has constantly revamped itself to remain relevant to its users. That means going mobile way and also ushering in collaboration with third party developers. While these changes seem to offer a lot to the discerning users, there are in fact several features on the typical Facebook website in all its simplicity that would have gone unnoticed to your eyes. In this post we bring some of those features that may spruce up your daily dose of ‘FB’.

Hidden Features of FB

Hidden Features of FB

  1. Other Messages Folder

So to your surprise there maybe messages on your profile that you may not have seen. As per privacy settings Facebook often saves messages from people who are not friends with you in ‘Other Messages’ folder. It is easy to access these messages.

Come to the Messages page and look for the word “Other” in the top left corner next to Inbox.

  1. Hidden Languages

If you want to take a break from the traditional English on Facebook, you have the options to go ‘Pirate’ style and entirely ‘Upside Down’. As the name suggests Upside Down inverts the English text on the pages. Pirate on the other hand translates English words pirate-esque terms. Payments will give way bounty and language to tongue. Groovy eh!

All you need to do is go to language settings in the general tab.

  1. Interest List

Unknown to many, Facebook much like Twitter and Quora offers the option of customizing posts from friends and pages and have a streamline feed of them. All you need to do is Scroll down the News Feed page to the end. You will find Interests option there. Just click there and choose ‘+Add Interests’ option.

  1. Send Messages to Facebook from Email Accounts

If you send out a mail to Facebook email id which follows the convention of username@facebook.com from your Yahoo, Gmail ids, Facebook shows the message details in the message inbox folder.

  1. Manage Mobile Notifications

Sometimes the endless notifications about trivial issues ringing your mobile may get on to your nerves. Push Notifications can be managed and tweaked for your smartphone to offer you some respite. Go to Privacy Settings > Notifications > Mobile Push and un-tick the things you don’t want to get notifications about. As simple as that.

  1. View Photos the Old Way

If you still have not gotten used to viewing pictures in the new Pop-Up format, Facebook offers you the flexibility of viewing it the classic way. All you have to do is press F5.

  1. You and your partner

If your status with your better half is official on Facebook, then addition of /us to the URL does the wonder of collating all photos, posts and interests on a single page. Just try www.facebook.com/us and see the magic! Romantic right?

  1. Legacy Contact

Although not something that should occupy your mind but in case the idea crosses your mind, Facebook offers you the option of passing on your account to someone in the event of your demise. As the name suggests, you are given the choice of nominating your friend relative who would be handed over your account as a legacy.

  1. Save Posts

Often we find ourselves inundated by flurry of posts and updates during busy times. Result is that we lose track of them. However, ‘Save this Link’ is an interesting option to for the posts to be read and referred later.

  1. Who Deleted Me

This one is a third party app that essentially lets you see who deleted you. It is available for both Android and iOS as well as exists as an add-on for Chrome. Only caveat is that it starts tracking post installation.

Hope you will have a better time with Facebook after this read. Believe it or not, mysteries lie everywhere! Even in the gigantic and transparent world of the social media daddy, there is more to it than what meets the eye! Social media usage will never be the same!

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