Google’s Balloon Powdered Internet- Some Interesting Facts!


Google’s new venture has become a revolution that aims to impart the power of the Internet to every nook and corner of the world. Project loon as it is named, is a real boon to people in suburbs to enjoy the web world facts and funs! It is wonder to watch a network of balloons floating up in the sky to connect everyone with the amazing world of web! If you are living in any remote or rural areas, Google hereby solves your web connectivity issues!

Project loon was tested to know its results at US, Brazil and New Zealand. At 2013, it was eventually launched to transmit internet facilities to everyone high up from earth. The balloon has electronic equipments to transfer internet services to people. This are charged using solar panels and wind by Google. Balloons form a network of themselves and thereby signals are transmitted to the earth. Isn’t that an amazing scenario?

In the current era of World Wide Web, it is a bitter fact to know that internet covers only one third of the whole world population. Still over 60% of the entire population is yet to enjoy internet facilities. Google’s Project loon is true solution to this!

Google Loon Project

Google Loon Project

Shall we look at some interesting facts about Google’s Balloon powered internet?

  • These networks of balloons float far away around 20 kilometers from earth, which are invisible to your naked eyes.
  • Interestingly it works with solar energy using solar panels that charges the electronic equipments. No electricity is used to transmit internet services across our globe!
  • As of now, Google tested and launched this wonderful interest facility in countries like Sri Lanka, USA, Brazil, New Zealand and now in India too.
  • Project loon has come out with an amazing internet transmission speed with 2.6 GHz band in broadband facility in every rural area.
  • You can enjoy more than 4G speed internet facility, which is transmitted from these networks of balloons!
  • Project loon provides internet connection to approximately a diameter of 40 kms in ground areas. The techno0logy used for connectivity is wireless networks known as LTG (4G). Hence, it can cover almost all rural areas within our globe. This enables people with uninterrupted internet services at a fast speed!
  • To use wireless networks or LTG, Google collaborates with telecommunication networks in the specific regions to facilitate internet even in rural areas. Telecommunication networks to make people to enjoy uninterrupted internet facilities will share cellular spectrum.
  • The best part is that, LTE enabled project loon internet can be used even in your mobile phones.
  • Google’s balloon internet is a good source of Wi-Fi internet facilities. This can be used by anyone to get a Wi-Fi facility, either corporate or individuals.
  • Google’s balloons are designed light weighted with elastic materials to make them fly on heights. Its floating and direction is based on the wind movement

This innovative and interesting invention of Google is a real path changer to the rural population, imparting them with much more educational and employment facilities. Project Loon awakens the rural World to new spectrum of knowledge and skills through the world of internet!

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