Google is Giving a Tight Competition to its Peer Groups with Pixel Launch


With Google, It Is “Quiet And Steady Wins The Race” In The Market Of Smart Phones As Well

Business models of selling electronics goods are changing drastically; most of the companies are now planning to skim the market. We can take the case of smart phones. In the past, they were trying to ascertain the USP based on certain traits like sturdiness and durability. After the failure of Nokia, the dictum changed completely. All of a sudden, the speed, affinity with new software culture and performance became more important. Certain Smartphone companies also started featuring various features like high-end camera and Photoshop facilities etc. Companies like Apple tried hard to strengthen their status as the “style leader” of the market.

Google Pixel

Google Pixel (

Soft Powers Were On The Steering And Hard Virtues Were Holding The Backseat

It was the android and App culture propagated by Android and Google that became the driving force of the market. Hardware specifications were always there in the market but they were not working like the key motivating factors. They were acting like a “factor of assurance.” In a market condition like this, the launch of Pixel once again turned the tide of the market. The launch of Pixel is an important event because with Pixel now Google has become a device maker. This launch is important because most of the other companies were playing the game with the help of “technologies treaties. “ It means producers of the software and hardware were coming together to bundle some devices. Marketing forces were laying out some plans to cater to the immediate sentiment of the buyers; they were looking up to each other for various strategies to hit the market.

Google Pixel Can Be A Game Changer

If we go by the opinion of the industry experts then we find that every move made by Google changed the complexion of device industry majorly. Experts are anticipating a range of supporting devices to move in after this successful launch of the Pixel. They are expecting a new device culture to seep into the market with this move. It is believed that a new culture of artificial intelligence is knocking the doors of Smartphone industry.

Another Silent Move From Google That Is Creating Ripples In The Market

It is a silent move from the side of Google; they are aware of the potential of this market and understand the value of positive “word of mouth.” Unlike “Apple” or “Samsung,” they do not shout from the rooftops. They want their technology to grow on the users. Here it is very important to discuss one more tangent of Pixel launch. Most of the experts have this opinion that launch of Pixel is not just the launch of another Mobile phone. It is the launch of a new technology. It was the same case with Android, industry experts thought that it is another operating system hitting the marquee. However, with a passage of time, they realized that it was a technology that changed the specifications of various hardware devices and brought in a new culture of sorts.

This Launch Can Become The Trigger Point Of Ai First World

Almost a decade ago Smartphone companies were battling it out with an intention to make it a “Mobile first” world. They met with success, the number of people accessing the internet on mobile phones have already exceeded the number of people accessing the internet on PC’s and laptops. The launch of Pixel can herald a new era where AI will become the next frontier. Pixel is the basic device or a gate pass to this world of AI world.

It Is The Definition Of Top End Phones That Is At Stake Now

In common terms, high-end phones are phones that have all the facilities to accommodate technological changes during a long-term use. A top end phone is a phone where future technologies are present and waiting for the market to catch up with them. With the arrival of Pixel, the meaning of these two terms may change considerably. It is not a device that has hit the stands, it is a precursor of a new set of technologies that is all set to roll its journey. It means that you are getting an access to the prevailing best technologies of the mobile world and you are geared up for the future changes in the world of smart phones as well.

Do you think it will give a tight competition to high-end smartphones like iPhone? Do comment here and let us know your views.

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