Foodpanda Vs Zomato – Who Will Win this Rat Race?


On paper, Zomato is miles ahead of others in the food space. Period! However, the new online food delivery company, Foodpanda has acquired some ultra huge funding and is on a rapacious and marketing binge. Foodpanda’s financing is twice the amount that of Zomato’s. Zomato has brought funding up in over abundance of $163 million over numerous rounds from Vy Capital, Info Edge (India and Sequoia Capital). On the other hand, Foodpanda has $310 million or above in funding which is a gigantic number in itself. Foodpanda successfully took over Just Eat in the month of February, which was undoubtedly a serious sign of intent. The organization has likewise grabbed rivals in Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, West Asia and different parts of Asia. Aside from Just Eat, Foodpanda has enveloped TastyKhana in its extensive repertoire as well.

Judging by this, Zomato isn’t that far off coming up with strategies of its own. Zomato gained nine companies in a span of nine quick-fire months. Zomato is currently focused on the food delivery market solely. That sets up an immediate conflict with Foodpanda, which is based in Germany and is sponsored by e-trade incubator Rocket Internet. Foodpanda, with its profound pockets is unrealistic to clear or vacate its place at any time in the near future. This race for eyeballs, the psyche and the stomach of a billion Indians have all the right fixings to make an immaculate Garam masala. Pun intended!

Foodpanda had an income of 0.69 Crore for FY14. Zomato, then again had an income of 36 Crore. It is quite clear that Zomato is way ahead of the pecking order without one shadow of a doubt. Foodpanda is doubtlessly going to take a major hit once Zomato releases its online order taking platform.

FoodPanda Or Zamato

FoodPanda Or Zamato

What’s the Reason Behind That?

Zomato has substantially more number of App downloads than Foodpanda. Even laymen who don’t have a substantial knowledge of the domain possess Zomato in their smartphones having never heard of Foodpanda or the services they offer. And once Zomato begins taking orders, getting millions of orders on a daily basis won’t be a far out possibility. Likewise once people who have both the applications understand that Foodpanda is putting forth no extra advantage over Zomato, they are destined to uninstall it.

Zomato has certainly minimized the human intercession from day 1 by permitting an immediate correspondence between the clients and the eateries through the application. They have successfully adopted a cutting edge model like that of taxi servicing giants like Uber and Ola. What’s more, Foodpanda’s showcasing has been mostly on rebates or discounts, which is not a decent strategy to hold clients in the long run.

Likewise, once the eateries see that Zomato has the capacity to muster a bigger number of requests than Foodpanda, the quantity of orders via Foodpanda will definitely decline. Additionally, it has been seen that numerous proprietors are fed up of Foodpanda in light of the fact that they don’t get convenient settlement of the online payments in an orderly manner. Zomato is going to attract these owners by offering to take less commission per order, if they get connected exclusively only with Zomato.

“The guy with the most traffic will win. Zomato has the traffic.” – SANJEEV BICKCHANDANI Co-founder, Info Edge

Currently, Zomato appears as an obvious champ. Foodpanda can give an intense competition to Zomato, however will need to improve a tad more on the little things.

After all that has been said and done, this rivalry will surely benefit us neutrals – Happy Customers!

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