Do You Know about the New Buzz ‘Internet Bots’?


A ‘Bot’ (Robot), or typically called An Internet Bot, is a software application that runs repetitive automated tasks or scripts over the internet. The task can be as simple as opening your browser as soon as you open the computer, or it may be structurally repetitive, such as making backups. As the market of Apps is becoming mature, the trend of Chatbox would certainly rise. Normally powered by artificial intelligence, Bots also rely on humans.

Internet Bots

Internet Bots

These bots or software applications have many names. But why are they getting so popular? Bots can perform human tasks at exceptionally high speed. These tasks can be simple, they can be implemented in gaming such as ‘ Doing Repetitive Firing in a War Game’  or ‘ Doing a task in a game repetitively so that it earns you more points’ , or they can be used in programming to help coders write repetitive lines or certain repetitive codes.

But Bots have far more amount of applications. Here are the top 6 bots to blow your mind:

  • The Music Promotion Bots: Many Song artists and music producers release a music chatting bot that can provide you with a lot of information about singer’s history, their tours, their songs, the base levels and all the information that you need. These bots became quickly popular in 2001 when 1 million people added GooglyMinotaur as their friend which promoted the album ‘ Amnesiac’ by Radiohead. AOL Instant Messenger users could add the GooglyMinotaur to their buddy list and chat with him like they would a friend or family member.
  • The Foodie Bots: These bots are something that grew out of people’s inability to decide on ‘What should they eat?’ Brown, a developer, came up with Lunchbot in 2013, a simple software application that recommends a food option out of all options in the vicinity of the person. It started with 20 restaurants and it expanded slowly. Now, it has become more sophisticated and holds a bigger database of restaurants and food trucks.
  • The Al-powered assistants: This bot is a solution to all the different organisation apps that you have in your smartphone. This bot manages more and more of our daily activities on the web and on different applications. It works on the basis of your preferences and does an incredible job in reducing the amount of time you spend on your smartphone.
  • Crawling Bots/ GoogleBot: Crawling is a process by which this bot discovers and updates pages that have to be added to the Google Index. This bot actually helps to update the web regularly and it is the reason why you always find updated information on all webpages.
  • Search Engine Bots/ Spiders: Such bots, also called spiders, are the new face of search engines and they help you search all websites for pages, audio files and images. The ‘ Baidu Spider’ is currently the most famous bot and is operated as a substitute to Google in China. Another such bot is Microsoft’s ‘bingbot’ which is the basic software script for the Bing Search engine. The Yandex bot is another Russian search engine bot.
  • The Co-Working/ Teamwork Bot: Ever felt a problem while working in a team? Bots are here for you. The Slackbot is one such bot which helps you send instant messages to your team workers about regular updates such as ‘ You will be late’ or ‘ You won’t come’ etc. The Slackbot can also help you set up personal details for you. It builds a profile for you and then manages it accordingly.

Many such bots are now developing. The Silicon Valley awaits another stream of classic bots that will be the ‘Next big thing’ in the world of coding and applications. With so many things happening about bots, many CEOs regard it as the ‘Bitcoin of the App industry’. Bots will indeed be the next thing that are going to fill up your mobile space even before you know it. Be with us and we will also talk about some of the worth trying Facebook Chatbots in our next post.

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