Can Raspberry Pi Bring More Kids In Coding?


Yes, we have a new player in the complex field of coding, and this new player is more delicious than you’d ever wonder! Indeed Raspberry Pi has broken the coding market and is covering an exasperating amount of attention in the coding industry since quite a long. But, is it really that delicious? Let’s understand. Raspberry Pi is a very small and nearly a credit card sized computer that actually fits in into any monitor or display device. It uses a mouse and a standard keyboard (not in touch monitors) and the world’s most portable PC is here for the taking!

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi, also referred to as ‘Tiny CPU’ or ‘The CPU of Future’, is indeed a miraculous device and it holds the capacity to let you do much more that a normal PC lets you. It enables you to learn coding languages like Python and Scratch. Furthermore, it has the inherent capacity to interact with the outside world and thus, finds a spectacular amount of application in digital maker projects, such as weather stations, tweeting birdhouses etc.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Applications

All that you can do on your PC, including web browsing and everything else, can be done on the Raspberry Pi interface. But the main application of this device is in the coding industry. As of today, the coding industry has many disadvantages mainly due to bulky systems, inherent lack of resources and lack of interest in children to the traditional coding stigma. But this device takes the coding industry to a whole new level.

What Is The Dish Made Of? (Pun Intended)

The Pi comes preloaded with Python, which is also the official programming language of the Raspberry Pi 3 and the amazing IDLE 3, a very unique python integrated development environment. So, Python learners and coders have much ease in completing their work and with much greater efficiency on the Pi.

Furthermore, the Raspberry Pi has a very easy Python working and you can get to the software very easily without much hassle. The first thing that coders do when they get along with Python is creating the ‘Hello World’ Program. With few internal changes and easy patterns, this program making gets a whole lot easier. And when the first step looks easy, the world becomes brighter, which means that coders get motivated to make better program with ease.

But there’s a much better thing coming for coders in the Raspberry Pi. You are allowed to configure your Pi in such a manner that it acts as a MAME Arcade Emulator and then you can connect it to your computer. This is indeed an amazing option for all those who have got tired of the traditional coding programs.

The Raspberry Pi Marvel

But wait! Are we done? It’s never a ‘Yes’ when we are talking about the Raspberry Pi. The raspberry allows you to install XBMC (a free and open-source media player software application) which is another marvel for coding fans. But the problem with installing XBMC on traditional computers is that they aren’t fully compatible to it when the required video quality is taking into account. But the Pi has a solution. It supports video quality of 1080 pixels which means that your XMBC is going to run smoothly and without any compatibility hassle and it can actually act as a very decent media centre once connected to a high definition television.

The Pi is essentially a Linux Box running Debian which also allows to you to browse Midori. It allows you to setup a webserver or carry out any general computing tasks. The Software learning on the raspberry Pi is so well appreciated that the amount of coding fans and the percentage of these fans actually making it to the top has increased.

With amazing mobility, great compatibility, ease of use and user-friendly Linux interface, one is able to meet their coding goals with this small ‘Future CPU’. The raspberry Pi is also expected to be used very significantly at the world’s most spectacular coding university named  ‘42 University’ which is situated in the United States of America. With regular updates and new models to come, the future of coding is bright without one shadow of a doubt and it will surely attract more and more young brains into it!

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