Can Facebook Win the eCommerce Race?


Facebook brings surprises every now and then. Being the biggest social networking platform connecting the world, it incessantly works to make life of its users interesting and better. One of such features that recently brought a smile on its user’s faces was In App shopping. Facebook tends to enter the race of e-commerce with related features for competing with big giants like Amazon. As of now, the billion dollar company is undertaking the testing process of these ads that allow users to shop instantly from its app.

Changing the Standpoint

With this initiative, Facebook seems to turning the tables for online shopping. A social media platform with an e-commerce, what more can we ask for? Imagine being able to shop directly from Facebook App without being hopped on to other e-commerce apps. Isn’t that exciting? It’s not only a user friendly approach for the buyers but also for the businesses. With a quick call to action like “Buy Now” on their pages, businesses can make lives of its customers really simple. However, entrepreneurs may have to shed some serious dollars to get featured on these ads; it’s worth a shot on a platform like Facebook.

Facebook eCommerce

Facebook eCommerce

A Great Deal for Businesses

In an effort to combine app install ads with in-app purchase through call for action items, Facebook will launch smart and robust tool lines extended pages or pop ups that would directly link the businesses and the customers for the services and products via apps. With this medium, marketers can directly promote their products and services on Facebook without having to convince the audience to install their app. They can promote complete catalog of their products and services, making the entire experience a smooth ride. The user experience will be improved to a great extent as things will move faster. On the other hand, this is an opportunity for businesses to be able to drive their sales graph. Another way of looking at this opportunity is that, it will allow users to rate their experience there, which can be seen by other customers too. This might put a brand’s name in jeopardy but if promising the best quality and satisfying services to its customers, a brand can make it big here.

Security Not Compromised

Facebook being Facebook will make sure that sensitive user data is not compromised at any cost. Apart from changing the way of online shopping and enhancing the user experience, Facebook also promises to maintain the security of users. Since payment gateways are involved here, Facebook wants to assure its users that none of their debit or credit cards, internet banking details or details of saved cards is shard to a third party, thereby offering a safe payment gateway.

Well, if I see this perspective without being biased, it can turn out to be a win-win situation for Facebook, the businesses and the users all together. Facebook may be able to successfully hit two aims with one arrow.

How do you feel about this? If this is launched soon, what could be the repercussions in eCommerce business? Share your views with us!


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