Big Data-As-A-Service: What, Why and How


Well, if you are working in the tech domain and you still haven’t heard about Big Data, then it is time to rethink your learning strategy. Big Data has passed the stage where it was considered as a buzzword in the industry. It is ever present in every nook and corner now. Every single business company or organization, however big or small is now employing Big Data in one way or the other on the lines of analysis, strategization and radical decision making.

The thing about Big Data as a service is, it can turn into a software or take the form that helps in processing data or contract for the services of a group of data scientists.

It is also a type of managed services, which is just the same as an infrastructure as a service or software as a service. Another thing that needs to be known is the fact that Big Data as a service depends strictly upon cloud storage to keep continual data access for the organization that has the business critical information stored on it.


The thing you need to do at the start while selecting a BDaaS provider is identify the actual big data requirements of your organization with respect to managing, capturing and also analyzing data.

Let’s take an example for instance: Many of the large organizations which have a huge amount of structured data would certainly do well to be with a traditional form of database solution. Whereas, the organizations that have huge volumes of unstructured data streaming from many of the sources should try going for BDaaS to get some important insights and numbers. If your organization comes in this category, you’ll have to determine which Big Data functions need to be outsourced before starting the BDaaS provider selection process.



It helps in relieving the stresses that are accompanied with a traditional physically standing IT infrastructure by placing everything on the cloud. Your data is no longer safe and secure but you can also access it on an instantaneous basis through compatible devices.


Computing large chunks of data will be accomplished with seamless ease. Often an organization generates exabytes of data on a daily basis, most of which can’t be dissected using conventional tools. This is where Big Data enters the fray!


The users can acquire the analytics services without going through data and programming spheres of the infrastructures of BDaaS.


Another thing about choosing BDaaS is the appropriate addressing of the challenges and problems related to Big Data processing and not being dependent totally on technological advancements.


Using Big Data as a service will relive you of all the troubles that come with it. This is because all time and effort consuming operations and activities will be shifted to a third party i.e. the provider that you hire.


You will have real time access to data in the raw form when it comes to distributed storage.


All the responsibilities regarding security issues are given to the provider of the services. Hence, it not only mitigates security worries but cuts down your costs as well.


Big data as a service provides a high functional architecture and that incorporates data processing modules, big data storage infrastructure and also different analytical tools. This serves the motive to reduce the expenditures of customers due to the employment of data scientists, programming experts.

Big Data What and Why

BigData What and Why

Additionally, the SOA [Service Oriented Architecture] of BDaaS leverages all of the mentioned services individually and connects them cohesively. This allows for a comprehensive approach to different business requirements. Big Data as a service provides a lot of advantages and also ensures profitable management of the market and customers in order to have a good business growth.

Big Data is here to stay, and stay for long. Hence, it becomes good business sense to take the plunge sooner rather than later.

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