Best Fitness Trackers 2016


In 2016, Best fitness trackers are none but another watch on your wrist

Let us check it out in dictionary; word watch can be used as a transitive and intransitive verb. In the regular terminology of the dictionary, Watch means “to have a look at something” or to “stay awake.” Now think again, why we use word “watch” in connection with “wristwatches”, the reason is quite simple, the watch means to stay awake and wrist watches or other watches help us in staying awake by keeping a track of the time.

Fitness trackers are emerging as the new watchdogs of our fitness regimens

Fitness trackers are becoming the wristwatches of the 21st century. With the arrival of smart phones and mobile phones, regular watches are becoming redundant. In the year 2016, we witnessed the emergence of a new culture. People are now replacing fitness tracker watches with regular watches. These attractive watches win the tag of wearing an “in the vogue” thing and the same watches also help individuals in keeping a check on their fitness regimes. It is a welcome change of sorts, in the past, we were matching steps with the world and regular watches were our tools and now we are matching steps with our own body clock and fitness tracker watches are acting like an ideal tool for us.

Which fitness tracker watch is the best, if you wish to seek an answer to this question then you need to take care of three criterion, first the functions, second the battery and third is the price or the value for money. Based on these three criterion here we are presenting a list of three super performers of who made it big in the market of fitness trackers in the year of 2016. 

Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Blaze

Numbers are certainly supporting this gizmo; it is a boon for entry-level fitness enthusiasts. Battery, looks and hardware are all tried and tested. It would be safe to say that Fitbit Blaze has already become a trusted name in the market and it has all the good reasons to sustain its position in the top bracket because it is very easy to use and entry level players want this kind of an ease in the game all the time. It costs  INR.19,999.

Garmin Vivosmart HR+

It is a chunky design with some intelligent and serious features clubbed together in a fitness tracker machine. It started creating ripples in the market because of the functions like GPS control and heartbeat rate monitor. It is a 24×7 device and it can monitor your sleep timings as well. It starts at INR. 14,999.

Jawbone UP2

Loaded with smart features like step monitoring, alarm systems and sleep monitoring, Jawbone UP2 is a machine that looks more like a friendship band. It means that if you are wearing casual stuff all the time and want to add a colourful accessory to it then, in this case, Jawbone UP2 can be a great choice. It costs INR10, 000.

Two Thousand Sixteen is the epitome of simple 10,000-step theory

In the early 70s a Japanese professor came up with this idea of 10,000 steps during a day theory. It was believed that people who increase their walking to 10,000 steps daily experience a real health benefits.  Then we saw the emergence of this concept where they maintained a check on the rate of heartbeats in order to figure out the right health conditions. The fitness trackers hitting the marquee in 2016 are like hybrid gadgets that are capable of maintaining both the ends well.

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