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Upcoming IT Trends that will change the way you work


With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the paradigms of every industry have drastically changed. 2021 is expected to be a major milestone in every sector. Different organizations are leveraging advanced and disruptive technologies to adapt to the new normal. IT trends are re-shaping the organizational flexibility and work culture. With the sudden escalation in ...

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Avoid content mistakes to formulate your Digital Transformation Strategy


You may have informational content with a lovely presentation but if it is failing to move you closer to your organizational goals, it’s time for digital transformation. You may need to revisit your content strategy and its implementation. A focused and well-developed digital transformation strategy can help you fetch the desired results in terms of ...

What you must keep in mind while using Zoom for video conferencing


With lockdown instilled in majority parts of the world due to Covid-19 and countries actively practicing social distancing, zoom video conferencing has become popular for both businesses as well as personal use. How does zoom video conferencing work? Zoom is simply an online platform that allows audio as well as video conferences over the internet. Just like ...

Combating the Corona Crisis – 5 Ways Technology is Helping Humanity


For the last few decades, we have been living in an increasingly connected world. Technological innovations in transport and communication have been bringing the world closer. Today, our daily functioning depends on an uninterrupted flow of services and information. Now, an unprecedented pandemic is threatening to bring the entire world to a stand-still. How Technology ...

Harnessing Brain’s Potential: Neuroscience Wearable – What Are They and How It Works?


Technology is advancing at lightning speed every day. Whether we still have harnessed the human brain's full potential, is an evitable question that keeps the science and tech community burning with curiosity. New inventions and gadgets are being invented every day to determine the brain's attainability and how our brain works. Neuroscience wearable is one ...