Apple users, Beware of XcodeGhost Malware!


Apple Inc was recently hit by a software malware in its Chinese app store. This led the company to pull out a few of its most extensively used apps from the app store to sustain the security for users in China. There is no particular explanation to what led to the intrusion of malicious software into App Store. However, the company mentioned that a lot of other cyber security firms also witnessed a malicious code integrated as XcodeGhost was rooted in a number of authentic apps.

According to resources, the hackers tricked the developers by making them to use corrupt form of Xcode app development tools. As of now, the innovator of revolutionary technology, Apple Inc. has removed all the apps infected from this counterfeit software from the app store. The malware discovered, led the developers to use the infected software tools deliberately converting their genuine apps into an open source for collecting information by hackers. As per analysis from experts it seemed that majority of the infected apps were aimed at Chinese market, and one of the most prominent apps was a competitor of WhatsApp, “WeChat” which is developed by Tencent Holdings Ltd’s.

This is just a week after the cyber attack where credentials of 225,000 Apple accounts have been breached. It is believed to be conducted by Chinese hackers, though the users in 17 countries were affected.

Apple is one of the groundbreaking companies that has always stood up to the standards of the digital technology. Keeping the momentum as early, the company is working with its finest software developers to make sure that only legitimate Xcode is used and the user data is protected in all terms. As per a Chinese security company, a total of approximately 345 infected apps were discovered as of now, however, the tight-lipped Apple has refused to give a number of exposed apps. Let us see how the market leader beats this hassle, after all challenges come to everyone’s ways.


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