Android 6.0 Marshmallow Vs iOS 9


Android Vs iOS is an age old rivalry of David and Goliath, one thing that has been running on from generations. Ever since Apple launched their first iOS in 2008, both these operating systems are going hammer and tongs over the top position of the pecking order.

Comparing both the OS is like comparing an Apple with another fruit. Pun intended!

The simple reason is due to the fact that both the OS are clearly very different from each other. The ideal way to compare Android Marshmallow 6.0 and iOS 9 is to gauge the improvement scale that has been made from some of the earlier versions.

The similarities between both these entities is pretty much few and far in between.

Android Marshmallow vs. iOS9

Android Marshmallow vs. iOS9


Android didn’t completely change its interface, which actually went in their favor and people liked that. Android Marshmallow is about giving user facing controls. It has an adjustable settings bar, RAM manager and a cool battery management area.

If we talk about iOS 9 on the other hand, no major over hauling took place. There are slight modifications though and improvements in iOS intelligence, which can activate features for you. The search bar has also widened its scope, which allows searches without somehow going into the App. For example, if you want to know the score of your favorite team in your sports app, you can rather use the search bar and get the information right there and then in an instantaneous manner.


Google Now offers much more than just a plain virtual assistance. It helps you in ways more than one. From asking about a direction when all seems lost to a particular destination to your favorite movie theater to basking in the glory of some local cuisines and the best restaurants, no question of yours will go unanswered. This is something you can absolutely rely on. You no longer need a voice command to access this service, all you need to do is hold down the ‘Google now’ button and the list of desired places will pop up right in front of you.

Talking about Siri of iOS 9, it is a much smarter virtual assistant. For instance, if you’re meeting a person later, Siri can find out this from your emails and the particular person you’ll be meeting will be added to your home screen. This would eventually lead to an easier way of communication between the two. Isn’t it cool?

Siri can search the entire iOS software to help you out. This speaks volumes about how advance it is when compared to Google Now.


The latest version of Marshmallow has changed its app permission system by manifolds. Earlier apps used to ask for permission while installing. Currently, permissions are requested and you can give them a ‘NO’ without tampering the privacy settings of the app.

On the other hand, iOS keeps all the data within the device and all the information and data private. This seems like a more secure overall system.

Android Marshmallow 6.0 and iOS 9 both have some highly advanced and improved features within them which are satisfying the needs of millions and millions of people across the globe.

Which one is better? If you’re more into Android, you’ll prefer Marshmallow and will be skeptical in trying iOS 9. Whereas if you’re an ‘Apple’ faithful, no other brand will ever satiate your senses. So, if you’re still stuck in a dilemma of which one to go for, just go with your instinct. Rather than feeling short on choices, we should rather feel lucky to be living in an age where these two juggernauts are going head to head on a daily basis.

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