After the intervention of Facebook, will WhatsApp become a spammy experience?


In the year, 2014 Facebook took over WhatsApp. Since then speculations were on, these speculations were related to the pristine nature of WhatsApp. During the last six years, WhatsApp saw a meteoric rise; in fact, it became a world leader in messenger services. Pristine nature of WhatsApp communication was its biggest asset, it means that your rights to privacy were secured you were only getting desired messages. Unlike other social mediums, there was no pressure from the advertising channels. To top the list, there were no distractions coming your way in the form of possible Spam messages.

Whatsapp Data Sharing

Whatsapp Data Sharing

Spam Notifications can make an entry into the WhatsApp message boxes

Going with the current flow of the events, head & honchos of Facebook and WhatsApp are all set to combine the reach of WhatsApp with the monetizing capacity of Facebook. Currently, WhatsApp is a medium where you share or receive personal communication only. After this act of Monetizing, you will also start receiving some advertisement on the WhatsApp. WhatsApp will share your user lists and other information with Facebook and Facebook will divert its commercial messages on your WhatsApp account.

Can we consider it as a breach of Privacy from the side of Facebook?

In the recent past, WhatsApp started end-to-end encryption of the message, which turned out to become a chaotic exercise in Brazil operations of the company for the same reasons of Privacy. However, while announcing current changes they try to remove the possibility of any such chaos.

According to the current draft released by the Facebook, the privacy of your WhatsApp account will not be hampered much on an interpersonal level. They will connect you to the Facebook; you can yourself connect your Facebook account with your WhatsApp account. In any condition, the status updates of your WhatsApp account will not appear on your Facebook walls, in our views; it was the biggest clause that will secure the privacy of your WhatsApp account.

Facebook is a different type of social medium where you make some social announcements. WhatsApp is a closed social group where you share info with some private groups. This integrity of the WhatsApp will remain the same. Such type of networking is a part of the Internet world, your Facebook account is connected with many media partners, they sent you advertisement feelers from time to time yet you cannot consider it as a breach of privacy. Now the same thing is going to happen with WhatsApp they are connecting WhatsApp to a widespread network.

See the brighter side- WhatsApp will not become commercial WhatsApp

You were dependent on regular SMS services and email notifications for the details of your airline reservations or bank transactions etc. WhatsApp was the strongest player in the market where a maximum number of personal messages was floating in, but it was not the same with the semi-commercial or service messages. This new initiative of Facebook will open the door for these semi-commercial messages to appear on your WhatsApp inbox window as well.

Unorganized commercial users of WhatsApp were emerging as a new trend setter in the market.

With an increase in its strength, over ambitious people or people with no social media ethics already started using WhatsApp for commercial purposes. Here we would like to add one more thing; people opted for WhatsApp because with the help of WhatsApp they were able to generate a personal space in their existing network. It was the USP of WhatsApp; this commercialization of WhatsApp may force them to switch on to some other mediums or Apps. Still now it is almost official that they will connect your WhatsApp account with your Facebook account so be ready to witness WhatsApp in this new and commercial Avatar.

But do you want to say NO to Facebook? Don’t worry! You can do it as well.

The first thing you can do it, do not accept the new terms and conditions of WHatsapp. You might have received or you may receive a pop up on your Whatsapp screen which enable you to take your decision. Nevigate to the small ‘read more’ option, know about the latest T&C and then only click on Agree or Disagree button.

But that doesn’t mean you have the only opportunity to make your decision. If you have already accepted the new terms and conditions and now, you want not to continue with it, you can still opt out for that, within 30 days. Head to the Setting menu in your app-press the account tab- see the “share my account info” button, and revoke your permission.

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