7 Craziest Technologies Which We may Witness Soon!


A lot of products we can’t live without today were once just insane ideas. Electricity, planes, smartphones, cell phones, the Internet, and online networking were all things thought to be unthinkable eventually in mankind’s history. Yet in the brief span since these creations have appeared, they’ve turned out to be almost indivisible with what it intends to be human. As a general public, we now utilize these sorts of advancements every day. Without them, the world would basically go into disrepair.

Craziest Technologies

Craziest Technologies

In this article, we’ll uncover 7 of the craziest technologies that are verging on here. These are the technologies that we’re going to take them for granted. Let us look at the 7 craziest technologies. They are as per the following:

  1. Ultrabooks:

We’ve all seen the age of PCs – the first real gadget that caught our eyes and took the general folk by a storm. Then we witnessed the age of high end and slim desktops with power packed features and limitless possibilities. Then we entered the age of laptops which simple revolutionized the entire technological world, giving portability a whole new dimension. Currently we’re enjoying the period of notebooks, which will soon be serving ultrabooks. Not just that, but these will be available at reasonable rates for the market users in general. Measuring less than an inch wide and weighing almost close to three pounds, you’re bound to be left stunned by all means.


You’ve been hearing about Virtual Reality related stuffs as well in regards to the Playstation VR Gear and different organizations following suit accordingly with their own particular forms. For the current year, Virtual Reality will be completely operational and you can experience it for yourself through PS4. Virtual reality is something we had imagined about it and now it’s as of now here as gaming. There are talks about Virtual Reality growing to more than simply gaming and that would be really soon.

  1. The Sunscreen Pill:

We will come so far forward on the technological pill that all those sunscreen creams, gels and what not will be rendered obsolete. All that will remain is a single sunscreen pill. And the icing on the cherry is the fact that it will not only protect the skin but the eyes as well. The concept of reverse engineering will be utilized here in full flow. Scientists and influencers across the world are pretty much hopeful that it will become a reality sooner rather than later. One thing’s for sure – the effect of UV rays is not about to end anytime soon. Hence, this seems like the way to go!

  1. Portable Laser Pens:

Imagine that you’re indulging in your favorite adventure sport ‘Rock climbing’ with a bunch of your friends. There comes a situation when you strike your knee on a rock and it starts bleeding. Obviously you’re far out from the city and the nearest medical help is some thousand miles away. The amount of blood loss that you will suffer is going to be hazardous. To block that, portable laser pens will enter the fray which will block those wounds right up and stitch them per se.


This is another brainchild of tech big shot Elon Musk: The Hyperloop.

Hyperloop is a method of avoiding the air resistance that makes supersonic travel to a great degree troublesome at low elevations. Musk’s answer for this issue is to manufacture a Jetson-like tube over or under the ground that contains a controlled low-weight environment. Inside the tube would be containers that transport people from destinations, for example, San Francisco to New York in around 30 minutes. This is certainly something CRAZY.


It certainly appears to be something out of a sci-fi film. However chances are great you’re going to witness it before you leave Earth. The unmanned mission is relied upon to dispatch by 2018 and will incorporate a lander, robotics, water-creating innovation, solar panels and an orbiting correspondence satellite. By the year 2020, Mars One plans to land a rover on Mars to choose a perfect settlement area. When completely prepared crews launch in 2024, the colony is relied upon to have a breathable air, renewable vitality and a lot of water.


There are three essential things to get the idea rolling, each originating from probably the most noticeable figures in tech. Facebook is following towards Mark Zuckerberg’s promise to bring the whole world online at no expense by putting resources into satellite as well as drone technology. Basically, the organization wants to make a system of drones, each the measure of a 747. That will certainly beam Internet access down from the edges of space. Conveying the internet for nothing to the entire world sounds dreamlike however this is positively going to happen.

The growing nature of competition means that brands and labels are working brick and mortar to move one step ahead of each other. This is a win-win situation for the general folk as they get to feast on these rivalries.

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