5 Applications that are a Must Have for Every Windows Phone Users


Windows Platform for phone has often been beset for the yawning gap between the apps that are offered on it in comparison to Google and Apple store. Of lately there has been a turnaround in that department with companies and developers alike taking notice of the large potential audience and users on Windows Platform. After all, there is no denying that Windows offerings on mobile devices have their own set of reliable followers. Hence of the surge of these new additions to the Windows Store we dish out the best and peppy ones that dash your experience with your Windows Phone.

VLC for Windows Phone (Free)

VLC has finally arrived on Windows Phone and is as versatile as its Desktop avatar. This free multimedia player lives up to its expectations of playing almost any format. So bid adieu to the long tedious routines of converting videos and your favorite music into recognizable formats. Everyone who owns a desktop or PC or laptop would know how handy VLC is. Irrespective of the format, the VLC media player is at your service whilst retaining the video quality and sound.

Must have Windows Apps

Must have Windows Apps

Adobe Photoshop Express (Free)

Are you a photo-holic? Are you one of those fanatics who can’t go through the day without the perfect selfie? Well, your photo editing worries have been laid to rest here. Adobe Photoshop Express is must have photo editing tool that takes care of the basic photo cleanup and editing. Be it cropping, straightening, rotating or red-eye removal, you name it and this app has it. The interface is quite easy and intuitive with sliders and one touch tools for making the changes. “Looks” is a bonus feature of this app. Basically it is a one touch effect that provides more filter-type effects.

Microsoft Hyperlapse (Free)

This is an instant hit right from Microsoft’s stable. What it lets you do is to create smooth time lapsed videos right from your phone cameras. All you need to do is record on phone and set the time lapse speed anywhere between X1 and X32. The results are pretty convincing and jaw dropping sometimes.

Translator (Free)

As the name suggests, this is Microsoft’s answer to Google Translate and it has done a great job here. Loaded with features, this app supports translation from more than 40 languages. Complete with camera assisted options and text to speech functions; you should never be in a foreign land without this app on your phone. Its smooth and slick interface is just right on the money!

Spotify (Free)

The massive collection of Spotify is available on a Windows phone and is a must have for all music lovers. Complete with all its desktop features, users on Windows can share their playlists and checkout other users’ collections as well through Spotify’s social features. It comes complete with syncing features that updates your desktop and mobile device. Get in touch with the music buff inside you!

With the influx of gazillion applications in the world thanks to the advent of technology and smartphones, one is spoilt for choice it seems. Every day now companies and businesses and even individuals are coming up with new innovative application ideas which are gripping and enticing to say the least.

Hence, when the ocean is that vast, only a few fishes catch the eye. Just download these 5 apps and feel good about owning a Windows phone!

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